A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

The effect of the Golden Soul Pill was not to enhance one's cultivation base, nor was it an antidote for treating injuries. Its only use was to stabilize one's soul and reconstruct one's soul. More importantly, it was said that the pill could aid late-stage True Immortals in breaking through bottlenecks and raise their chances of reaching the Golden Immortals.

While the Golden Soul Pill is very helpful in advancing to the Golden Immortal Realm, the main ingredient required is a complete Golden Immortal Nascent Soul. Such an item is extremely precious and is something that could only be found by chance.


It was a golden pill about the size of a longan, emitting a blinding golden light. The pill was extremely sentient and the image of a small human was vaguely seen on the surface of the pill, as if the pill had a soul. Streams of strange medicinal fragrance were emitted from the Golden Soul Pill, which lifted one's spirits.