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Golden Wyrm King is grade 10 Demon Beast.

He had the head of a wyrm and the body of a human. He wore a suit of golden plate armor made from scales and wield a golden spear.[1] Golden Wyrm King cultivated Bone Tempering Art, which made his skeleton gold.[2]

First Meeting[]

After Demon Beasts from the Outer Star Seas leant about a top-grade spirit stone, they invaded the Green Spirit Island.[3] They attacked both forces of Starfall Coalition and the Star Palace. Even Golden Wyrm King joined them.[1] Golden Wyrm King fought the strongest in the Starfall Coalition's camp, mid Nascent Soul Elder Tang. During the fight he instinctively noticed something, but didn't find anything and focused on getting the top-grade spirit stone.[4] As Golden Wyrm King pursued other Nascent Soul cultivator, different demon beasts found the top-grade spirit stone. Suddenly, Han Li appeared and took it, after killing the beast. Golden Wyrm King quickly rushed back, but Han Li blocked his attack with the golden spear.[5] Before escaping, Han Li killed the Demon Tortoise he met in the past. Golden Wyrm King didn't pursue as he was unable to catch up. Discussing with other demon beasts made him realize that that cultivator might have been the same, who killed his son close to 200 years before and possessed the Heavenvoid Cauldron.[6]


Little bit more than a century later, while the Golden Wyrm King and Feng Xi arrived at one of the islands in the Outer Star Seas for the Dragon Scale Fruit, Han Li made preparations to ambush the flood dragon.[7] Because of the sensation of dread, Golden Wyrm King found out the ambusher. Both Demon Beasts were suprised it was Han Li. Feng Xi was greatly shocked from human's cultivation level of peak Nascent Soul stage.[8] Feng Xi was overwhelmed by 3 Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords. After being unable to deal with Han Li and his Unbreakable Cinque Devils, Golden Wyrm King wanted to run away.[9] Han Li managed to capture the soul of this grade 10 demon beast, its metal-attribute demon core and his skeleton refined with Bone Tempering Art. On the other hand, Feng Xi was trapped by dozen of Six-Winged Frost Centipedes. It's demon soul was eaten by the insects.[2]

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