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She is Qi Condensation cultivator from the small Azure Spirit Sect of the Outer Star Seas region.



Together with a senior fellow sect members they were sent to hunt for Grade 2 demon beasts. Unfortunately, due to the Beast Wave incident, all demonic beasts begun to attack any human on sight, hellbent on eradicating all human presence in the seas. As such, she and her fellow sect members were fleeing some Hawk Kite beasts as they ran into the misty island where Han Li set up his temporary immortal cave, having just undergone the cultivation advancement into the Mid Core Formation level.[1]

Having been rescued by Han Li, she attempted to seize the good fortune in meeting such him attempting to rope him in, all for the sake of rescuing her crippled father, who had suffered a cultivation backlash.

She stated that pledged that so long as Han Li could cure my father, she would devote her life to him. If Senior is not at ease, Junior is willing to enter restrictions before Senior heads out to save her father[2]. After kowtowing and continuously pleading, Han Li finally accepted.

After her fellow sect members inspected the medicine they left the misty island after a heartbreaking protestation about losing such a beautiful younger sect sister.

After she entered the misty island she was greeted with a plethora of jade slips with various cultivation methods[3]. However, she later settled on the Coiling Jade Arts, which even Han Li remarked to be very suitable to female cultivators, much to her delight. She was also bestowed countless magic tools and other treasures, all in Han Li's roundabout thinking of somehow returning filial piety to his parents, as she had reminded him of his younger sister that had married. In addition, Xing's spiritual roots were inferior, just like Han Li's.[4]

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