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The greatest area and "cultivation world" in the Mortal World. It consist of one massive Jin Empire, many great sects and clans.

The Great Jin was over ten times larger than the Heavenly South, they attracted a far greater number of cultivators. This caused a severe lack of magic tools and medicines in comparison to the Heavenly South Region. Spiritual herbs or magic tools were significantly more expensive.

But the Great Jin was abundant with resources and would have many rare materials that would never be seen in the Heavenly South and even the Scattered Star Seas.[1]

The Great Jin was bordered by other unsavory civilizations in the southeast and northwest and that mortal natives would often wage war with them.[2]

There exist islands nearby Great Jin continent, like Bitter Bamboo Island or North Night Island.

It's possible to fly from Scattered Star Seas to the Great Jin, but the journey may take upward of 10 years, and will be quite a perilous. There also exist ancient teleportation formations, but they are of limited availability.[3]

Deity Transformation cultivators[]

There are 5 Deity Transformation cultivators in the Great Jin: Xiang Zhili, Eccentric Feng, Hu Qinglei, Old Ghost Bai and Old Demon Che.[4]

Since Deity Transformation cultivators are very powerful, they have rules among each other. Engaging in conflicts between other beings of the same power level strictly prohibited and Deity Transformation cultivators are also not allowed to take part in any matters in the cultivation world.[5]

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