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Gui Ling was a Grade 10 Vast Cliff Tortoise[1] spirit beast from the Spirit Realm. She had strength equivalent to a late Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

She descended to the Mortal Realm accompanying her Master.[2] After the war with Elder Devil Realm, she was sealed as one of four guardians of the Spirit Prison Formation that sealed the Kunwu Mountain range.[3] She was tamed along with a Lion Hawk, Silver-winged Nightfiend and Treant Lord by ancient cultivators using Soul Binding Tiles.[1]

First Meeting[]

Haven been awoken by the broken Spirit Prison formation, Gui Ling teamed up with other 3 guardians to seize back the Soul Binding Tiles, which held the ability to control the guardians.[1] She met a mid-Nascent Soul Han Li when he dispelled a concealment formation that hid herself while observing the other Nascent Soul cultivators that invaded the Kunwu Mountain fighting amongst themselves.[4] Later on, Han Li unknowingly acquired Gui Ling's Soul Binding Tile during a scramble between old Devil Qian and Lady Mu in the Kunwu Hall.[5]

When Gui Ling was left alone and she slowly walked inside the Greatnorth Essence Lights, she encountered Han Li. As he just tried to pass by, she sensed he had her Soul Binding Tile. To get it, she attacked Han Li, but she was injured with Yan Ring. Gui Ling begged him to spare her life and was willing to became his spirit beast.[6] Han Li was unsure, but after the Vast Cliff Tortoise added a portion of her soul to the Soul Binding Tile, he accepted her. Once she recovered with a drop of Myriad Year Spirit Milk, he told her about his plan to kill old Devil Qian.[7]

Escaping the Kunwu Mountain[]

As Han Li's subordinate, Gui Ling lent key assistance during their time together on the Kunwu Mountain. Gui Ling joined him in ambushing the old Devil Qian. She fiercely fought the Unbreakable Cinque Devils summoned by Devil Qian.[8] This allowed Han Li to capture the Nascent Soul of the old devil.[9]

Later on 8th floor of the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, they met a lot of cultivators attempting to obtain the Eight Spirit Ruler.[10] Her presence as Han Li's spirit beast discouraged the Silver-winged Nightfiend, Grand Immortal Xu and Lin Yinping from attacking him.[11] Soon after Long Meng, Bloodflame and Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha's soul fragment arrived on that floor.[12] Gui Ling was instrumental in immobilizing and distracting the Elder Devil Bloodflame guarding exit teleportation formation.[13] This allowed Han Li to kill him and obtain his previously stolen swords.[14]

However, during the fight of Long Meng with Yuan Cha, Lion Hawk, the Nightfiend or Grand Immortal Xu met their end.[15] After Ye Yuesheng was transformed into giant three-headed six-armed Jialun War Devil, Master Sable was burnt into nothingness.[16] As Devil Sacred Ancestor intended to destroy the seal of powerful devilish Qi, she detonated the Black Wind Flag, and a black hole and spatial tears appeared, while Corpse Xiong, Gui Ling and Lin Yinping fought Jialun War Devil. Gui Ling was caught in one of spatial tears and was separated from Han Li.[17]

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