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Wearing a set of white scholarly robes and has a pair of bright eyes complemented by sharp well-defined brows. He appeared to be in his thirties, and was quite a handsome and graceful man.


Originally from a very renowned body refinement family in a mortal city. He was deemed by a mediocre doctor at birth to possess no spiritual root at all, therefore he was always nurtured as a body refinement cultivator and displaying astonishing aptitude in body refinement, reaching the third level of the Vajra Arts at relatively young age.

After discovering by chance that he possess spiritual roots he ran away from home in order to become a true cultivator and find a major cultivation sect to join.


Was first seen traveling with Han Li and Qi Ling Zi, is an upstanding character and a little of a braggart thanks to his recently discovered Lightning Spiritual Roots. He first started cultivating as a body cultivator because he was "misdiagnosed" as having no Spirtual Root, it's later discovered that he has the Recessive Spirtual Root by Han Li. He's then accepted as an in-name diciple to Han Li on the promise that if reaches Deity Transformation stage he would then become Han li's real diciple and inherit Han Li's cultivation technique.

  1. Chapter 1783 (Novel)