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Han Clan is one of the three great families of the Jing Province. Their ancestral home in Three Kilometer Valley, where Green Ox Village lies.[1]

Ever since a member of the Han Clan managed to rank first in the imperial exams, their rise in power has been momentous. Each of their later descendants began to achieve great rankings in the imperial exams. With several generations of success.[1] Han Clan has always been one of great literary repute, and how there is always one or two from the clan that manages to enter the imperial court as an official.

They helped the Li Clan steadily establish themselves at the top of Jianghu.Their clan's friendship stemmed from friendship of Han Li and Li Feiyu.[2]

Family of Han Li[]

A family of farmers in Green Ox Village. "Together, they lived a hard yet honest lifestyle. Very rarely did they get to eat meat and fish, but the entire family was content with living with the meager resources they had."[3]

"Before he left, Han Li’s father repeatedly instructed Han Li on the ways of proper behavior. One must be honest, have the capacity to endure, and avoid unnecessary conflicts with others. Meanwhile, Han Li’s mother urged him to take care of his health and to eat and sleep well."[3]

  • Eldest son who workes as a blacksmith's apprentice in the city
  • Han Zhu is the second eldest son
  • Eldest daughter
  • Han Li (nicknamed Second Fool by Uncle Zhang)
  • Youngest daughter whom Han Li dotes on the most. On his final day in the village, he filled a puch to the brim with red berries for her.

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