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Han Li is the main protagonist of A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality.


Han Li's looks are plain and ordinary. He is often described as a man with average looks and slightly dark skin. His face always wears a faint smile making him look calm and composed. This indifferent exterior conceals Han Li's real thoughts and emotions. An eerie inky-black third eye can sometimes be spotted on his glabella, just like a pair of wings on his back.

After being in the Jianghu for a few years, his body became taller and more lean. Han Li will only seems noble and refined with each new cultivation stage or the passing of time. His appearance doesn't change too much from an early 20 years old youth due to the fact that he took the “Face Setting Pill” in his early years of cultivation.

Han Li always dress in azure Daoist or Confucian robes matching his Azure Essence Sword Art.


Han Li temperament can be qualified of indifferent, taciturn, calm and very low key. His most remarkable character trait is his cautiousness honed by numerous betrayals and adventures.

Han Li is a solitary person as well as an assiduous and diligent cultivator whose only concern is the progress of his cultivation. This is why Han Li doesn’t care much about affairs outside of his cultivation and can stay decades or centuries in closed cultivation. As a result, Han Li has a lot of acquaintances but hardly any close friends.

Overall, he is very cold, ruthless and cunning to his enemies and rarely does he reveal his warmer side, which is exclusive to those close to him. As a high grade cultivator, Han Li killed a lot of people and even wiped out an entire clan.

As a young boy, he had many aspirations. Before being thrown into Jianghu, he had many mortal hopes, such as to make a lot of money. Cultivating the Eternal Spring Arts made his wisdom grew beyond his peers. After living into the World of Martial Artists, his personality became secretive, cold hearted and rational, not able to be easily disturbed by his own emotions. Often times, he would calculate things and would never do anything that would harm him unless there are rewards.

Han Li was at first a lone cultivator whose achievements came from great luck and cautiousness. Later on, when Han Li attained Nascent Soul stage, his personality changed a bit as he truly settled down as a martial ancestor of the Drifting Cloud Sect. He took a concubine under his wing and became the master of his first disciples during this period.

Han Li started of as a farmer boy and developed into an ancient cultivator. His age also took part in his growth. After all, despite his fast progress in cultivation, Han Li still had to cultivate for great amount of time, becoming an old monster in the process.


Born as a mortal in a farmer family. He was the fourth eldest amongst his siblings.[23] Han Li has "False Spiritual Roots" with four elements, lacking metal.


Book 1 The Seven Mysteries Sect[]

First starting in Green Ox Town, he led his way into the Seven Mysteries Sect, previously known as the Seven Supreme Sect. After a full decade, he had experienced a fair amount of Jianghu's fortunes and misfortunes as a martial artist. After the attack of the Feral Wolf Gang he decided to leave the Seven Mysteries Sect and search for the cure of the poison Doctor Mo placed inside him.

Book 2 First Step on the Journey of Immortality[]

Han Li journeyed to the Lan Province in the State of Yue. He then met Doctor Mo's family at Jia Yuan City. Han Li obtained the cure for his poison in the process of helping the family to regain its foothold as a powerhouse in the mortal world. After participating in the Great South Meeting he entered Yellow Maple Valley using the Writ of Immortal Ascension he obtained from Monk Golden Light and started to cultivate the path of immortality as a cultivator. He participated in the Trial by Blood and Fire and achieved great success by collecting enough medicinal herbs to refine a few Foundation Establishment Pills.

Book 3 Invasion of the Devil Dao[]

Han Li began to live the real common life of a cultivator as he entered the Foundation Establishment Stage. He built his first cave abode and learned the Azure Essence Sword Art during this period. Later on, the Devil Dao invaded and the war ensuing brought calamity to the State of Yue. Han Li gained a fearsome reputation among the Seven Sects of the State of Yue's cultivators for being able to kill many Foundation Establishment's invaders of the Devil Dao. He was then left by the sect to become a decoy allowing the Sect's higher level cultivators to escape.

Book 4 Across the Sea[]

This is a time where Han Li is truly developed his sense of carefulness. He was transported to an unknown place; an endless sea to be exact. He ventured to dangerous places and honed his fighting skills against numerous demonic beasts and righteous or demonic cultivators. This is also when Han Li gathered a lot of very powerful beasts and weapons. He collected heavenly items and cultivated while hiding from his enemies. The Outer Star Seas were then invaded by the Demon Beasts and the Wondrous Depths Island, the strongest human faction installed there, was annihilated. The Inner Star Seas were also in turmoil because of the war opposing the Star Palace and the Starfall Coalition. Adding to this the fact that some Nascent Soul eccentrics were trying to kill him to obtain the Heavenvoid Cauldron he stole, Han Li decided to teleport out of the place.

Book 5 Reputation Shaking the Land[]

Han Li wanted to cultivate his own Nascent Soul. Thus, he wanted a place to settle. He decided to join the ranks of inner sect disciple of the Drifting Cloud Sect. Then Han Li went on expeditions with different Nascent Soul Cultivators and gained a lot in the process. After hearing the news of the upcoming wedding of Nangong Wan, Han Li believed that he was strong enough to face the consequences so he went and took her as his Dao Companion. This was also the beginning of the war with Moulans, he was forced to participate in because he was now part of a sect, and was protecting someone. His achievements in the conflict made the whole Heavenly South Region respect him as a true powerhouse, the status of Drifting Cloud Sect also rise as a result. Unfortunately, Nangong Wan fell into slumber after being ambushed by an elder of the Yin Sifting Sect, while the later was directly killed when Han Li returned.

Book 6 Divine Spirit Treasures[]

Following a fast trip to the Far West and his encounter with Monarch Soul Divergence Han Li participated in the trip to the Devilfall Valley with other Nascent Soul allies he made during the war with the Moulans. The Elder Devil incident that happened subsequently made the Three Great Cultivators consider Han Li as the potential Fourth Great Cultivator. In order to find a cure for his wife, Han Li decided to travel to the Great Jin with his new friend and Second Nascent Soul. The later was however lost during his journey though the Endless Sky Plains where he had to fight against the Soaring Tribes. Forced to recuperate due to his grave injuries, Han Li saw his cultivation base greatly restricted and was involved in the events of a certain Feng Clan. He obtained the Brightjade Arts and consumed the Heavenly Corpse Pearl during this occurrence. Thereafter, Han Li discovered the Jin Empire while hiding as a low grade cultivator in a medium sect. Moreover, he stole numerous items of many sects to complete his Triflame Fan and construct the Grand Puppet. Han Li was afterwards involved in the events of Kunwu Mountain and later the North Night Palace.

Book 7 Dominating the Mortal Realm[]

When Han Li came back to the Heavenly South Region with cultivation level at late Nascent Soul stage, his name shook the entire continent. After news about Han Li defeating other three great cultivators spread, he gained a reputation as the number one cultivator in the Heavenly South Region. A great ceremony was held for his official marriage with Nangong Wan.[8] Later, Han Li participated in the war in the Scattered Star Seas on the Star Palace's side. There he also gained fame with his accomplishments. In the Jin Empire, Han Li's name was known in higher echelons and fantastical rumours spread about him. He was making many cultivators restless, who were finally relieved when he left.

Book 8 First Foray into the Spirit Realm[]

After ascension through a spatial node, Han Li appeared in the Spirit Realm and he ended up in the Deep Heaven City, after his first tribulation.

Book 9 Races of the Spirit Realm[]

Book 10 Battle of the Devil Realm[]


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