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Wood Spirit Nascent was a Spirit Nascent with wood attribute. It became Han Li's second Nascent Soul.


As a Wood Spirit Nascent it looked like a small person. It had an exquisite face and long hair. However, its body was composed of green light and completely bare.

His Nascent Soul form has the same appearance as Han Li, but smaller and with a had black-green colour.

After possessing the Sovereign Devil Corpse, he wore a set of long black robes with a skeletal head on his shoulders. There was also a pair of large tusks protruding from his mouth, creating an extremely terrifying sight to behold. Furthermore, the man had an arm exposed, and that arm appeared to have been constructed from shimmering metal, which was also very unsettling.


The Wood Spirit Nascent was the most violent amongst others Spirit Nascents of the Spirit Controlling Sect and was tremendously brutal and difficult to tame.

Its transformation into a Nascent Soul, and his cultivation of the Profound Yin Arts made him develop a sentient will. His personality was the similar to Han Li, except he was more evil.

His own intelligence was erased after failing to rebel.[1]


This Wood Spirit Nascent was refined in Spirit Controlling Sect. It have devoured the Nascent Soul of one of the sect's Nascent Soul cultivators. After gaining a consciousness, it had snuck into the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion and snuck a peek at many secret techniques, allowing it to acquire vast and powerful abilities and escape its restrictions. However, it was caught and subdued by a late Nascent Soul cultivator elder.


Han Li's Involvement[]

The Spirit Controlling Sect sent a party to take that Wood Spirit Nascent to cleanse it in Gold Scarce Valley in the State of Yuanwu.[2] Cultivator Ding, who was the guard of the Wood Spirit Nascent, attempted to merge with the Spirit Nascent against orders. But he only died from the backlash.[3] Then it encountered Han Li and 2 Foundation Establishment cultivators.[4] As it wanted to devour Han Li's Nascent Soul, it got captured and sealed.

After sensing this, the Spirit Controlling Sect sent Han Yunzhi and Liu Yu to track the Wood Spirit Nascent down.[5] The latter was captured by Han Li before ended up as his disciple, while Han Yunzhi was left free as a result of being one of his old acquaintances from hundred years ago.

Second Nascent Soul[]

Han Li wanted to make this Wood Spirit Nascent his second Nascent Soul, after learning the Profound Nascent Formation Arts. Using the Soulfade technique from the Profound Yin Arts and the Fading Needles, Han Li weakened the Wood Spirit Nascent and then erased its consciousness. Then, he began the assimilation process to make this Spirit Nascent his own.[6]

After bit over 30 years, refinement process ended. It wielded the Ghost Sifting Banner and cultivated a few of the Profound Yin Arts.[7] Han Li used it during fights in the Endless Sky Plains.[8] [9]


After the Nascent Soul had been severely wounded by a Grand Immortal of the Endless Sky Plains, it was sucked into the Ghost Sifting Banner, where pure devilish Qi healed it. As it was unable to find Han Li, it began to roam the grasslands. About two or three decades later, it finally developed a hint of sentient will and traveled to the Devilfall Valley, where it found and possessed the Sovereign Devil Corpse created by Han Li before. The Nascent Soul had become completely different from Han Li. It was extremely aggressive and vicious.[10]

Using devil Qi left behind by Elder Devil Bloodflame, Han Li's second Nascent Soul reached mid Nascent Soul stage in next several decades and mastered the last two layers of Profound Yin Devil Qi, while in Devilfall Valley. He wanted to kill Han Li and be the only Han Li in this world, but first planned to go to the Myriad Depth Devilish Abyss to reach late stage.[11]

As it was leaving the valley, the Nascent Soul run into Song Yu, Liu Yu and Mu Peiling. It identified from Han Li's memories, and captured them.[10]

When the second Nascent Soul was in the Myriad Depth Devilish Abyss fusing devilish Qi into his body, Han Li arrived at Devilfall Valley and tracked down the hidden cave with Song Yu, Liu Yu and Mu Peiling. The second Nascent Soul was a bit suprised Han Li found the cave so easily, but it chose to focus on cultivation.[12] While thinking that Han Li was still at mid Nascent Soul stage, rebellious Nascent Soul decided to stay a bit more at the abyss.[13] But Han Li arrived at depths of the Myriad Depth Devilish Abyss quicker then it thought.[14] As Han Li's second Nascent Soul increased the influx of devilish Qi, it wasn't able withstand the process and lost its sanity from devilfication. Bloodthirsty Sovereign Devil Corpse attacked him, but its body was destroyed with Triflame Fan.[15] The second Nascent Soul expelled all of its devilish Qi to save itself from the flames, which unintentionally reversed its devilfication. It detonated Blood Devil Sword and the Ghost Sifting Banner to escape, but it was caught by the Malevolent Heavenly Formation set up by Drifting Cloud Sect disciples. It was captured and sealed within the Heavenvoid Cauldron.[16]

Afterwards, Han Li erased its sentient will and assimilated it again.[1] Then he put in into the Monarch Soul Divergence's Great Puppet.[17]

Arrival in the Spirit Realm[]

After entering into a spatial node to the Spirit Realm, Han Li encountered spatial storms. He was forced to dissipate his Nascent Souls to heal himself.[18] After about 150 years, he recovered his powers and he materialized his second Nascent Soul again. However, this Nascent Soul still only possessed Nascent Soul stage cultivation.[19]

Vast Glacial Realm[]

Han Li got massive opportunity in a world behind a screen, which allows him and the clone to rapidly increase their cultivation, though it almost killed them both. Particularly, the second nascent soul's cultivation rise from pinnacle of middle-stage of Nascent Soul [20] to pinnacle of Spatial Tempering stage [21]. The rapid rise in cultivation made the clone incapable of using its full magical power since he still need to consolidate his power for about ten years, otherwise the inner demons would destroy him. However, he's still capable of using spiritual will to control the Golden Body.

The Battle of Heavenlean City[]

After the fall of Heavenlean City[22], Han Li was being pursued by the four Sacred Ancestor clones, he had no choice but to release his spirit body and second Nascent Soul[23] as red herrings to distract his pursuers.

Both of them had managed to survive the ordeal, and Han Li naturally unleashed a secret technique to summon them back to himself as soon as he returned to Deep Heaven City.[24]

However, due to the fact that the entire city had been surrounded by the devilish army, the spirit body and second Nascent Soul didn't dare to return to the city and could only temporarily hide in the outskirts of the devilish army.

After the devilish army was forced into retreat, the two were finally able to return to Han Li as he was recuperating in seclusion.

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