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Combat Abilities[]

  • Skilled Fighter- His Battle Senses were honed by the multiple battles he led as a martial artist in his youth, then as an Immortal fighting against equal or superior grade cultivators. Han Li frequently uses different treasures/trump cards like exotic insects, powerful puppets, hidden weapons and rare spells. He releases them incisively and often tries to end combats as quickly as possible.

Supportive Abilities[]

Dao of Formation Spells[]

Dao of Tool Refinement[]

  • Yunxiao’s Insights

  • Han Li gained a basic understanding of tool refinement during the 20 years of training after reaching Core Formation and founding the Small Green Bamboo Pavilion in Heavenly Star City.

  • While he was an elder of the Exquisite Sound Sect in the Scattered Star Seas, then a martial ancestor of the Drifting Cloud Sect, he saw many jade slips regarding tool refinement techniques even though few were actually useful.

  • Han Li improved his dao of tool refinement after staying in the Jin Empire. He disguised as a low grade cultivator and entered a medium sized sect called Royal Serenity Monastery. There he managed to learn a lot about tool refinement from a Foundation Establishment Junior who was a great tool refinement master.[2]

Pill Refinement[]

  • After refining many of precious medicine pills, Han Li was able to forcefully raise his pill refinement technique to the rumoured level that existed slightly above that of a Pill Refinement Grandmaster. As a result, this greatly increased the odds of success when refining grade six and seven demon cores into pills.[3]
I didn’t think that your pill refinement techniques have reached such a profound level. It appears to exceed even mine when I was at my peak. I originally believed that you would fail at least two times before you could refine the spirit liquid!

Dao of Talismans

  • Han Li started gaining an understanding of Talismans from the Golden Jade Tome of which contained the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman, Nine Palaces Heavenly Talisman, Armor Origin Talisman, and the Heavenly Halberd Talisman.
  • In the Spirit Realm, with the great merits he earned from the attack from the Shadow Clan, he received lectures about Talismans from Elder Xing in the Deep Heaven Hall.

General Abilities[]

  • Seasoned Cultivator- The first war he was part of was initiated by the Devil Dao that engaged an expansion in the Heavenly South by invading the neighbouring countries like the State of Yue in which Han Li was the disciple of a sect. Forced to go in another region, Han Li went overseas. There he discovered the conflict between the Star Palace and the Starfall Coalition in the Inner Seas. The Beast Torrent in the Outer Seas followed closely and made it so that nowhere in the Scattered Star Seas was safe during this period. Han Li still managed to flee the from the first war by going in the Outer Seas and sinking immediately into secluded cultivation for decades, hidden from most danger on his concealed island. He thus escaped the Demon Beasts Calamity that he suspected would happen sooner or later. Back in the Heavenly South Region, Han Li became the elder of a sect appertaining to a major faction. Therefore, when the war against the Moulans broke out he had to participate and this time as a deciding factor as he had became a Great Heavenly South Cultivator. Han Li made major contributions during the clashes against the spell warriors, gaining a great fame rivalling the Three Late Nascent Soul Cultivators that led the war.[5][6]

  • Broad Knowledge- Reading many ancient records from different regions and having a friend like Monarch Soul Divergence made Han Li well informed on a wide range of subjects. Silvermoon and Endless Sky Beast also played a crucial role by answering many of Han Li's questions.

  • Experienced Explorer- Having passed through Heavenvoid Hall, Devilfall Valley, Kunwu Mountain and other dangerous places, Han Li naturally experienced many dangers. This made him more cautious and calm, even in situations when great dangers arise.


In term of talent, Han Li is not particularly gifted in any domains apart from alchemy. He managed attain a stage higher than Grandmaster due to the time he passed in the Scattered Star Seas and the endless supplies of demon beasts cores he had at disposition. In this case, the Mysterious Small Bottle helped him a bit since it allowed him to have numerous grass that lured demon beasts into his formations.

Regarding Cultivation speed, Han Li may have been praised as being the greatest genius in Heavenly South Region but in the Jin Empire, cultivators like Monk Jademoon achieved late Nascent Soul in only four hundred years, just like Han Li did. Furthermore, Han Li did not rely on his spirit roots but on lucky encounters and life and death situations to advance in his cultivation.

In the other domains of cultivation such as tool refinement and formation dao, Han Li was able to master them with the aid of decades of research, his high cultivation, and his Great Development Technique.

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