A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki


Mortal World[]

Stage Level Novel Manhua/Donghua Age Description
Lower Realm
Qi Condensation 1st Level 9 6 10 Using Doctor Mo's herbs and an unknown medicinal bath for him to soak his body in.
3rd Level 14 7 14 Han Li began to cultivate like a madman for four years because for each layer cultivated Doctor Mo would give him more silver.
4th Level 28 11 15 Consuming Yellow Dragon Pellets and Gold Essence Pills
5th Level 34 13 Consuming medicine that he concocted to forcefully break into the fifth layer

- Eidetic Memory (Gained due to Eternal Spring Arts)



43 24 16 Consuming medicine that he concocted and normal cultivation
8th Level 75 28 18 Han Li had been treating precious herbs as if they were snacks, eating them to break through to the eighth layer of the Eternal Spring Arts and thus allowing his magic power to greatly increase.
9th Level 138 63 18 Han Li, after ten days of painstaking cultivation, on the final day of the Great South Meeting, he broke through to the ninth layer of Eternal Spring Arts.
11th Level 152 71 20 2 years of secluded cultivation in Yellow Maple Valley
12th Level 215 107 25 Reached during the consumption of 1 Foundation Establishment Pills during the 11 months closed door cultivation in the Pill Refinement/Earth Fire room
13th Level 107 Reached the peak of Qi Condensation temporarily with the help of Nangong Wan (Chapter 209) and Permanently reached the peak when 2 Foundation Establishment Pills was consumed.
Foundation Establishment Early 110 26 Reached under 1 year of closed door cultivation within a rented Pill Refinement room of the Yellow Maple Valley. He consumed 8 Foundation Establishment Pillss to break through the bottleneck.
Mid 271 129/Donghua Episode - 35 31 Reached during 1 year of conflicts between the Seven Sects of the State of Yue and the Devil Dao.
Fall of cultivation
Qi Condensation 3rd Level 361 170 31 His cultivated true essence forcefully sucked out by the masked woman ( Nangong Bing ).
5th Level 368 174 During the last few days of the month, Han Li had managed to restore his cultivation to the 5th layer of Qi Condensation.
9th Level 374 175 32 Cultivating for a year on Minor Expanse Island.
Foundation Establishment Early 33 Cultivating for another year on Minor Expanse Island.
Late 375 176 53 Reached under 20 years of secluded cultivation in his Immortal's Cave on Minor Expanse Island.
Core Formation/ Gold Core Formation Early 398 187 127 Formed under 60 years of secluded cultivation in a rented cave residence in the Sage Mountain of the Heavenly Star City using Spirit Snow Water, Liquid Heavenfire, and Dustfall Pill.
Mid 529 173 Reached under 20-years of closed-door cultivation on a hidden island in the Outer Star Seas. He was aided by consuming pills refined from Grade 6 and 7 demon cores.
Late 544 193 Reached under closed-door cultivation after being forced to cultivate by the Grade-9 demon beast Feng Xi. Han Li was aided by Jadefire Wine.
Nascent Soul Early 639 ~200 Formed under closed-door cultivation after he infiltrated the Drifting Cloud Sect pretending to be a Qi-Condensation disciple for 20 years.
Mid 857 ~230 Reached in his 27 years of seclusion using Nature Origin Pill and Fuchsia Cloud Pill in Devilfall Valley.
Late 1129 ~330 Reached in 80 year seclusion at Heavenvoid Halls
Peak 1225 ~500 Reached on first Deity Transformation breakthrough attempt by refining five cold flame demons
Deity Transformation Early 1257 ~850 Reached after 300 years of cultivating Divine Essencefused Light and the use of Devil Essence Pill.
Middle 1353 ~1200 Reached after dual cultivating body and spirit for 60 years
Late 1425 ~1300 Achieved by integrating Heavenly Peng Clan's Saint Blood and refining a Kunpeng Relic
Middle Realm
Spatial Tempering Early 1528 ~1400 Broke through by using the True Toad Spirit Liquid and cultivating in seclusion for 100 years.
Middle 1725 ~1450 In the Golden disc secret space, Vast Glacial Secret Realm, he and his 2nd Nascent Soul reached Peak Late-stage in one fell swoop. His Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword also evolved.
Body Integration Early 1765 ~1550 In secluded cave after return to Heavenly Origin continent
Middle 1846 ~1920 Reached after 200 years in seclusion and then spent decades refining 7th layer of 10000 Poisons Body
Late 1993 ~2330 Reached in Deep Heaven City after using yin qi from Ice Phoenix Feng
Peak 2177 ~2400 Reached after 2 years in seclusion using Yin-Yang crystal beads.
Grand Ascension / Mahayana 2191 ~2600 After the battle for the Wood Tribe, Han Li goes into seclusion for half a century to finish all of his preparation, he reached it after passing the five-elements and inner demon tribulation.

Immortal World[]

Stage Level Novel Manhua Age Description
True Immortal Early 130 ~11500 Han Li created an avatar that cultivates to Middle stage as an Earth Immortal to help him break the restriction in his dantian, enabling him to finally re-obtain his ability that were sealed. Earth Immortal cultivate an avatar and use the statue to gather the power of faith with people worshiping the statue.
Middle 267 ~11600 Cultivated the True Chakra Transformation Sutra to open twelve immortal apertures.
Late 279 ~11700 Reached this stage by listening to the lecture of Patriach Miro of the Door of Truth via the green bottle, allowing Han Li to opened 8 immortal apertures simultaneously.
Peak 309 ~12200 Reached this stage after 200 years of cultivation in his abode at the Torch Dragon sect.
Golden Immortal Early 463 ~12800 Han Li after passing his Aperture Decline took a Golden Soul Pill to survive the lighting pool purification and reach this stage.
Middle 472 ~13900 Used a cultivation method of the Gray Realm which use his baleful aura to cultivate
Late 583 ~14000 Han Li had no choice as he must fight against a Supreme Unity Jade Immortal late stage. He uses again the previous method that he used to breakthrough middle stage to reach this stage.
Half-step Tayi 768 ~14700 Han Li used Evil Cleasing Pond in order to cleanse the baneful aura in his body and passed the Evil Decline.
Supreme Unity Jade Immortal Early 775 ~14700 Han Li immediately made a breakthrough after entering the Savage Wilderness in the True Demon Realm after being rescued from the Gray Realm.
Middle 1013 ~16300 After having cultivated his body to the Zenith Heaven stage in the Scale Accumulating Sky Mystic Realm, he spend 60 years in seclusion at the Azure Fox Clan to reach this stage.
Late 1032 ~16500 Han Li spend 80 years in seclusion in the secluded abode of Tai Sui, a Zenith Heaven time cultivator to reach this stage.
Zenith Heaven Early 1194 ~18700 Seclusion for 20 years. Two thousand years under the enhancement of the Time Jade Formation
Middle 1274 ~321000 Han Li cut his Wicked Severed-Soul and sealed it in his Earth Immortal, reaches this stage
Late 1319 ~821000 Han Li spent hundreds of years in the mortal world and did good deeds in order to sense his Good Severed-Soul. After debating Dao with his Good Severed-Soul, he successfully cut it and reaches this stage
Half-step Dao Ancestor 1352 millions of years
Dao Ancestor 1383 After Time Dao Ancestor gave up his position in order to become Primordial Chaos Dao Ancestor, Han Li passed Heavenly Dao's Great Tribulation and became the new Time Dao Ancestor.