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  1. Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords[1] (Han Li's Main Magical Treasure)

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Name Type Chapter Acquired Obtention
Writ of Immortal Ascension Writ 95 After killing Monk Golden Light.
True Puppet Insights Scripture 237 After killing a disciple of the Thousand Bamboo School.
Golden Page Record 240 From the Trial of Blood and Fire.
Old Hide Book Record 296 The grandfather of Xiao Cui’er gave this book to Han Li. In return, Han Li introduced Xiao Cui to his Senior Martial Brother Ma who took her as a disciple.
Yunxiao’s Insights Books 351 Qi Yunxiao collection of tool refinement records and Xin Ruyin knowledge of Dao of Formation spells were obtained after making a promise with them.
Xin Ruyin Books
Rib Bone of the Bone Sage Jade Slip 494 After killing the Xiao Cha.
Sacred Provenance Plate Records 539 Han Li bought it as a simple copper plate at an auction.
Nine Gale Transformations 605 Han Li obtained it in the Umbra Realm.
Three Divine Woods Golden Lightning Bamboo Han Li obtained some from Violet Spirit. He later used his Mysterious Small Bottle to make the Bamboo multiply and mature.
Soul Nurturing Tree 498 Han Li obtained the roots from Yuan Yao in the Heavenvoid Hall. He later used his Mysterious Small Bottle to make the Tree mature.
Spirit Well Tree 635 Han Li obtained the roots in the Dreamcloud Mountains.
Profound Goddess's Palm
True Spirit Blood Dragon 1388 After defeating Long Dong, Han Li exchange the majority of the blood to Ye Ying against a Heavenly Phoenix Feather. But the Gold Devouring Beetles had already matured and managed to keep some of the blood for Han Li by eating it.

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