...I am different from common cultivators. I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of immortality and cannot easily involve myself with the affairs of men and women. Furthermore, I am a lone wanderer and often encounter perilous situations.
Han Li[1]
I’ve previously never accepted disciples because my cultivation was lacking and I was a wanderer, with my residence ever changing. It would’ve been burdensome to take a disciple. But now that I am firmly established at the Drifting Cloud Sect, it is natural to nurture a few sources of influence of my own. Although one’s own strength is extremely important in the cultivation world, it is more dangerous and inconvenient to stand alone.
Han Li[2]
Of course it is to take you away! I want you to become my wife! No matter who it is that wishes to take away the one I cherish, they will have to go through me first!
Han Li to Nangong Wan[3]


Ever since I’ve met Senior, you’ve helped me many times. I’m not a heartless person and I’ve committed these acts of kindness to memory. I will do my utmost to fulfil your dreams.
Han Li to Monarch Soul Divergence[4]

The three of you should know that I've never liked to meddle in the sect's affairs. However, as the grand elder of the sect now, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to continue in this manner. I've left all of the troublesome matters for our Martial Uncle Lü to take care of, but I'll need a disciple to correspond with and assist him in overseeing the matters within the sect during my periods of seclusion.
Han Li[5]

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