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However, the youth mostly listened and seemed to be somewhat slow of speech and unskilled at chatting with others.
Description of Han Li social skills[1]


Nangong Wan[]

Love Interest[]

Violet Spirit[]



Mo Estate[]

Fourth Level Gang[]

Qing Wen's Group[]

Yellow Maple Valley[]

Drifting Cloud Sect[]


Heavenly South Region[]

Han Li became famous for the first time among the lower grade cultivators for killing 8 Devil Dao Foundation Establishment cultivators while being at the same stage.

Later on, during the war against the Moulans, his fame began to spread after he managed to escape from a Divine Sage (Late Nascent Soul) using the Bloodshadow Evasion Technique even though he was still at the early Nascent Soul Stage. Furthermore, during the climax of the war he accomplished multiple achievements like neutralizing the Moulan’s Sacred Bird by stealing its ancient lamp and reversing the tide of the battle by releasing his Weeping Soul Beast that destroyed all the Copper-armored Corpses. During the skirmish, Han Li also saved the Great Heavenly South Cultivators (Mid Nascent Soul) from the blood cages and killed the Yin Sifting Sect Master's wife. His feats were then revealed by Long Han at the end of the battle.

His trip to Devilfall Valley only confirmed his abilities to be on par with the three Late Stage Nascent Soul Cultivators who rule Heavenly South Region. These old eccentrics clearly recognized him as an equal as he managed to stall the Elder Devil alone for quite some time.

Scattered Star Seas[]

Han Li was known there for being the Exquisite Sound Sect's Guest Elder and the one who stole the Heavenvoid Cauldron, the top treasure of this region.

Afterwards, he had to flee from the Nascent Soul Eccentrics that wanted to get back the Cauldron while escaping from the war that raged between the Star Palace and the Starfall Coalition. He therefore decided to hide in the Outer Seas for some decades. It is during this period that he obtained his first title Insect Devil, after killing numerous Core Formation Cultivators that were trying to steal the beast he was hunting.

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