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Cultivation Techniques[]

Main Cultivation Techniques[]

Brightjade Arts Cultivation
Layer Chapter
1st 922
2nd 927
3rd 1202
4th 1263
5th 1293
6th 1293
7th 1293
Completion 1314


Celestial Techniques[]

Self Created Techniques[]

Azure Essence Sword Art Techniques[]

Profound Yin Arts Techniques[]

Great Development Technique Techniques[]

Nine Gale Transformations Techniques[]

Other Techniques[]

Formations Spells[]

Low Techniques List[]

Techniques Novel Descriptions

Mortal Techniques

Martial Arts in Jianghu (Mortal World)

Eternal Spring Arts Formely called oracular chant it was the first cultivation technique Han Li learned. It made him wiser and have an Eidetic Memory.
Blinking Sword Art Li Feiyu stole the original copy of the technique, which numbered in 74 books, and gave it to Han Li.
Silk Wrapping Palms
Soft Bones Art
Shifting Smoke Steps
Breath Control Art
False Hiding Technique

Magical Techniques/Cultivator Techniques

Qi Condensation

Imperial Flight Technique
Heaven's Eye Technique
Fireball Technique
Telekinesis Technique
Quicksand Technique
Freezing Technique
Flight Technique
Binding Technique
Sound Transmission Technique
Body Concealment technique
Fire Blossom Technique
Qi Restraining Technique
Earth Thrust Technique
Floating Technique

(After Foundation Establishment most minor techniques can be easily Mastered)


  • Eidetic Memory.
  • Mastery of the Demon Language.[48] (Han Li learned it through a stone tablet in the Umbra Realm.)

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