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Heavencrystal was a Nascent Soul cultivator from Nine Nations Union.


Trade Meet[]

Daoist Heavencrystal have discovered a puppet refinement method and two half-finished high grade puppets in ancient cultivator ruins, which required soul stones.[1]

During the largest trade meet in the Heavenly South Region, he opened the Crystal Dragon Pavilion in Soaring Heavens City to acquire few required materials that he had been searching for.[2] Daoist Heavencrystal had 8 beast puppets to sell.[3] He traded them for 2 soul stones, one from Han Li. [4] Later at night, Daoist Heavencrystal was visited by Han Li. They spoke about Auric Essence and soul stones.[1] Heavencrystal got soul stones for puppet refinement method.[5]

Devilfall Valley[]

As many cultivators were going into Devilfall Valley using the Ghost Spirit Sect's method, Daoist Heavencrystal travelled there too. He was accompanied by 2 early Nascent Soul level ancient puppets.[6] Inside, he met Dongmen Tu and 5 Nascent Soul cultivators from his sect. They agreed to temporarly work together to break the ancient restrictions.[7] [8] Later, Daoist Heavencrystal, Cheng Tiankun, Ling Hu, the Grand Elder of Masked Moon Sect and Han Li joined Wei Wuya, who was fighting an Elder Devil Bloodflame.[9] 2 ancient puppets were destroyed.[10] Daoist Heavencrystal's Nascent Soul was ripped out from his Dantian and eaten by the Elder Devil.[11]

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