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The Heavenly Court was the most powerful organization and the most authoritative official force in the entire True Immortal Realm, and it was governed by countless Immortal Palaces throughout all of the immortal realms. As such, it was far more powerful than any other organization, and it was located in a place known as the Central Immortal Realm. While all of the Immortal Palaces had their own ways of doing things, the Heavenly Court's objective was to uphold justice and bring peace to the Immortal Realm.

Countless massive immortal mountains towered there, stretching all the way to the ends of the horizon. It was unknown just how many there were, but there seemed to be one or several celestial palaces on every single immortal mountain. The immortal mountains were connected by a rainbow-like celestial bridge and there were clouds of all colors in the air. The palaces floated all over the place and were shrouded in celestial clouds and flying spiritual cranes. Immortal qi was everywhere. Dazzling lights of all colors shone from the immortal palaces, forcing back the light in the sky. It was as if all light in the world was gathered there, without a hint of darkness.

There was a huge palace that looked like a city sitting on top of the white clouds. The entire palace was snow-white in color and countless massive runes were carved all over the place. There were also some faintly discernible runes dancing all over the palace. A golden plaque was hung above the massive doors of the palace, which were several thousand feet tall. The words "White Cloud Immortal Palace" were written on the plaque, and the words looked ethereal and lifelike, as if they could fly out of the plaque at any moment.(1)

Seven Lords of the Heavenly Dao[]

The Heavenly Court was ruled by the Seven Lords of the Heavenly Dao led by the Time Dao Ancestor.[1]