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Is a legendary suit of Heavenly Devilish Armor. It appears that this is a suit of armor manifested by an extremely powerful Heavenly Devilish Monarch. However, from the extensive damage suffered by the suit of armor, it's most likely the case that its former owner has already perished. Now, the suit of armor is most likely not even a tenth as powerful as it once was. However, if it were to be repaired, it should be able to recover around 20% to 30% of its former power.

A Heavenly Devilish Monarch: Those are devilish beings that are close to true spirit beings.

The suit of armor hadn't lost all of its spiritual nature, and was thus able to be used by his Provenance True Devil Arts.

Needs hundreds of devilish core and a devilish cores holy-grade

Devilish cores are the inner cores of high-grade devilish beasts.[1]

Han Li bought it from "Xian Xian" of the Crystal Race in the Cloud City[2]

It was then repaired using a devilish core of a devilish ape from Devil Mountain Range. After the armor was repaired, an extremely powerful burst of spiritual sense suddenly forced its way into the spatial rift, then immediately surged toward the suit of devilish armor. The spiritual sense tried to manifest itself using the armor but Han Li then used hundreds arcs of Divine Devilbane Lightning to destroy it.[3]

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