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The Heavenly South is one of the continents in the Mortal Realm.[1]


One of the main landmasses in the world. It encompasses a vast area and has a great number of regions. There are various powerful factions and cultivators on this continent. Although it cannot be considered the strongest continent, it is not a weak continent.

There were only 3 late Nascent Soul stage cultivators on this continent, Master Sunreach, Devil Concord and Wei Wuya. They were leaders of the Righteous Dao Alliance, the Six Devil Dao Sects and the Nine Nations Union. This was how each of the three superpowers remained on equal footing. As for Heavenly Dao Alliance, they have two mid Nascent Soul stage Dao Companions that were proficient in cooperative techniques.[2]

To the north of the Heavenly South is the Endless Sea. In the south of the continent is the Nine Nations Union and beyond it is Moulan Prairie.[1] To the west is a desert plagued by fierce windstorms and beyond it lies the Far West.[3]

Heavenly South cultivators lived in an area richer in resources, than Moulan Plains.[4]

There are few places in the Heavenly South where high grade demon beasts dwelled, unlike in the Scattered Star Seas.[5] One of them is Devilfall Valley, which is also the most dangerous place on this continent.[6]



The Heavenly South is not ruled by a single superpower, but the region is rather divided between four major alliances of equal power.[7]


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