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Greatsun Essence Fire's counterpart, one of the three true spiritual flames of the Lower Realm's Mortal Worlds.

  • Han Li obtained it in a tool refinement room of Kunwu Mountain. A Cauldron was exposed to the flame qi of the refinement for a millennia, creating this Yin Essence in the process.
  • The flame has in fact a consciousness, and it generally takes the form of a Fire Raven. It tried to escape Han Li at first.


The Great Yin Trueflame absorbed the Puresun Flame Essence just after Han Li acquired it, and devoured later the soul of that Spirit Tribe cultivator named Shi Yao (Deity Transformation). All the Purple Apex Flames have also been converted in Great Yin True Flames at some point.

  • Finally After eating Shi Yao's soul, it was renamed Heavenly Spirit Devouring Flame by Han Li.


The flames contain the ability to devour spiritual power, as well as shifting between extreme cold, and hot.[1] It is stated that Spatial Tempering Cultivators can't guard against it's abilities. It is capable of invading the body, and freezing the soul. It is said that this feat is only achieved by legendary glacial flames.[1]

The Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames' ability to absorb and fuse with other spirit flames, as well as strange types of energy, was quite an incredible ability.[2]


After eating the gold and silver threads of the Revolving Evil Spirit Light technique of the Black Rakshasa Monarchs. Acquired the Revolving Evil Spirit Light ability which is a lethal and corrosive poison.[3]

Fire Raven ate a small portion of the Glazed Heavenly Flame Liquid flawed.

After devouring this thing, the Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flame has gained the ability to draw upon pure spiritual Qi in order to temporarily enhance its own powers. With a sufficient supply of spiritual power, it could even enhance its own power by twofold in battle.[4]

New mutation after consuming the Golden Crow True Flames.

He consumed the Golden Crow True Flames.[5]

It had been a pure silver ball of flames in the past, but there was now a small wisp of white flames intermingled into it, and there were silver runes flashing incessantly within the entire fireball.

The white flames were naturally none other than the wisp of Golden Crow True Flames that the silver fireball had devoured from the Human-faced Vulture.[2]

In the blink of an eye, the silver Fire Raven had swelled to around 300 feet in size, and there were specks of white intermingled within its silver feathers, yet also silver runes shimmering within those white specks. Looking at it from afar, it was like a shimmering silver phoenix that one didn't dare to directly appraise.

Han Li knew that the Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven would undergo some kind of evolution after devouring the Golden Crow True Flames, but this astonishing display that it was putting on still took him by surprise. Furthermore, the Fire Raven hadn't even completely refined the Golden Crow True Flames yet.

The Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven possessed a certain level of spiritual nature, so it didn't require any instructions from Han Li before it abruptly flapped its wings forward, sending silver feathers hurtling through the air.[6]

It underwent another evolution after absorbing all the Glacial Qi of the Glacial Pond in the Small Asura Realm. The Fire Raven still had silver flames burning all over its body, but beneath those flames was a translucent body, indicating that it had attained a substantial form.[7]

After absorbing the Fire Essences of the Fire Veins in the Torch Dragon Sect of the True Immortal Realm, it transformed into a miniature silverflame humanoid that was less than two feet tall and it looked like a child of about five or six years of age. Not only was its aura far more powerful than it had been back in the Spirit Realm, but even its eyes, which were formed from flames, were filled with intelligence. It was quite clear that he had been significantly enhanced.

After absorbing and fusing with the Black Crane Nascent Soul for a period of time, its aura had clearly grown several times more powerful than it had been before. The five outlooks on its face had also become less stiff and more animated than before.

It also absorbed the fire from the Nine Dragons Pearl Cauldron that could even burn the Golden Immortals to the ashes in an instant. It became more powerful and intelligent.and intelligent.

In the True Immortal Realm, the Spirit Engulfing Flame evolved further after swallowing the Seven-Colored Fire Core Sand. After completely refining the Seven-Colored Fire Core Sand, it became significantly taller when it took human form. It was about five inches tall and was covered in silver flames. Seven highly recognizable seven-colored flames appeared on its head. It eventually developed the power of the Law of Fire after absorbing the Nine Yang Fire Core.

It also devoured the Celestial White Fire Bead in the Secret Realm. The power of that white fire bead was able to refine the fire origin Qi within its body, would finally be able to give birth to Law of Fire. Furthermore, those laws were of extremely high levels because it was the Law of the Origin of Fire. Its body had grown significantly taller, and a crown of flames was seen on its head. There were also nine flaming feathers growing on its back, making it look even more regal than before. {{8}}

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