• Originally called Great Yin Trueflame
  • Also called Fire Raven, Spirit Devouring Fire Raven, Spirit Engulfing Flame...

Presentation Edit

Origin Edit

Greatsun Essence Fire's counterpart, one of the three true spiritual flames of the Lower Realm's Mortal Worlds.

  • Han Li obtained it in a tool refinement room of Kunwu Mountain. A Cauldron was exposed to the flame qi of the refinement for a millennia, creating this Yin Essence in the process.
  • The flame has in fact a consciousness, and it generally takes the form of a Fire Raven. It tried to escape Han Li at first.

Evolution Edit

The Great Yin Trueflame absorbed the Puresun Flame Essence just after Han Li acquired it, and devoured later the soul of that Spirit Tribe cultivator named Shi Yao (Deity Transformation). All the Purple Apex Flames have also been converted in Great Yin True Flames at some point.

  • Finally After eating Shi Yao's soul, it was renamed Heavenly Spirit Devouring Flame by Han Li.

Characteristics Edit

The flames contain the ability to devour spiritual power, as well as shifting between extreme cold, and hot.[1] It is stated that Spatial Tempering Cultivators can't guard against it's abilities. It is capable of invading the body, and freezing the soul. It is said that this feat is only achieved by legendary glacial flames.[1]

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