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The heavenly star city can be considered the capital of the Scattered Star Seas. The city is ruled by the Star Palace and situated on one of the largest islands. The Transportation Formation network that granted quick access to the Outer Star Seas is found within the city making it a place where cultivators congregated. While Heavenly Star City was under the supervision of the Star Palace, it is a place of great freedom and a sanctuary for all Cultivators.

"Apart from a prohibition of fighting in the cities and spirit stones taxes for long term residences, the Star Palace left the city alone, allowing it to become a place of freedom where cultivators of all ranks could come and go as they pleased. As for wanted nefarious cultivators, so long as they didn’t stir up trouble in the city, the Star Palace wouldn’t take the initiative to arrest them."


Cultivators entering the city must have in their possession a ring that declares whether they are temporarily visiting, or taking long term residence, Cultivators that have reached the Core Formation stage or higher are given free long term residence. Foundation Establishment cultivators and below are granted a 1 week stay for a small number of spirit stones. Lower grade cultivators may purchase long-term residence through a hefty cost of 800 spirit stones.