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Heavenly Star City (天星城Tiānxīngchéng) is the largest city in the Scattered Star Seas, and can be considered its capital.[1] It is situated on one of the largest islands, located in the centre of the Inner Star Seas.[2] It is ruled by the Star Palace, but although it is closely supervised,[2] it is a place of great freedom and a sanctuary for all cultivators.[?]

"Apart from a prohibition of fighting in the cities and spirit stones taxes for long term residences, the Star Palace left the city alone, allowing it to become a place of freedom where cultivators of all ranks could come and go as they pleased. As for wanted nefarious cultivators, so long as they didn’t stir up trouble in the city, the Star Palace wouldn’t take the initiative to arrest them."[?]


Other locations in the city include the Sage Mountain, the Fengle Auction House, the White Gate Pavilion.

Heavenly Star Island

In the donghua, the island has two layers of symmetrical sea barriers, edged by monumental statues of hooded figures. The openings of the sea barrier lines up to a waterfall, which boats are able to rise up from, into the blue gate perching on top of the waterfall. There's no restrictions for flying here, and cultivators of all kinds can be seen in the skies. The city is extremely free, where cultivators of any rank can come and go freely.[1]

Heavenly Star City Mortals Market

On the foot of the mountain is the town for mortals and low-rank cultivators. As one of the most important terminals in the Scattered Star Seas, where a lot of trade and commerce takes place. Lots of mortals live here from an early age, and most of the goods in the market are targeted at mortals. Some low-rank cultivators also live here, as they want to take advantage of the spiritual vein on the foot of the mountain to reach the next level. Cultivators above Core Formation would live atop the mountain; The higher their ranks, the higher they live. Those on the bridge are guardians that belong to the Star Palace. They're also the one on the gate to marshal the crowd, checking their residency rings. They're mainly in charge of patrolling and guarding the city.[1]

Higher up is the cultivator's market in the city, where many cultivators come for magic tools and materials every day. There's also business posts of different sects here, where the business league of each sect set up their own exchange, to trade with other sects. The Fengle Auction House is the best auction house in the city. It's said that rare treasures appear regularly, so it's quite pricey. The White Gate Pavilion is the most popular bookshop in the market, as well as an intelligence center in the city. The central business street lines the canal. On the left side are shops for tool refinery, elixirs and talismans. On the right are shops about pets, formations and puppets. The formation to the Outer Seas are up ahead. There are also the ones of Yuan Ying Realm on the island, most of them belong to the Star Palace.[1]

There's 81 layers altogether in the city. The whole Sage Mountain is a huge natural spiritual vein, with the higher up you go, the stronger the spiritual aura being. The first 50 layers are open to cultivators, where you can rent a cave with enough Spiritual Stones, but the next 30 layers can only be occupied by officials of the Star Palace. On top of the mountain, there appears to be two other mountains, which are the Porcelain Sage Mountain for Two Sages. It's said they got this mountain from a mysterious land hundreds of years ago, and hides incredible powers, although Siyue are not sure what.[1]

The Transportation Formation network that granted quick access to the Outer Star Seas is found within the city making it a place where cultivators congregated.[1]



Cultivators entering the city must have in their possession a ring that declares whether they are temporarily visiting, or taking long term residence, Cultivators that have reached the Core Formation stage or higher are given free long term residence. Foundation Establishment cultivators and below are granted a 1 week stay for a small number of spirit stones. Lower grade cultivators may purchase long-term residence through a hefty cost of 800 spirit stones.[?]

Notable residents[]

Wen Siyue


  • In the web novel, it appears to have been named Heavenly Star City. In the manhua, it's named Heaven's Star City.

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