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Heavenly Talisman Sect was a small sect in the cultivation world that had about a hundred members, but a vast and long history.

The sect's three secret talismans are the Spirit Subjugation Talisman, Spiritform Talisman and Sixpeak Armor Talisman.[1]

They had only one cultivator at Core Formation stage - Elder Wen.[2]


Tens of thousands of years ago, Daoist Heaven Talisman, the founder of the sect, had created three secret talismans whose power shook through the entire Great Jin, managing to bring the sect on par with the Ten Great Righteous Dao Sects. Although it wasn't known as the greatest sect during its climax and didn't have a lineage that spanned back to ancient times, it had tens of thousands of members and was the peak sect in the province. Although the Heavenly Talisman Sect was highly accomplished in the Dao of talismans, their cultivation techniques were rather ordinary, and talismans could only accomplish so much. Several generations after their rise, they experienced a massive decline. Over the passage of time, they only barely managed to continue existing by passing down a few of their secret talisman techniques.[2]

The Sixpeak Armor Talisman refinement method was lost when Daoist Heaven Talisman passed away. Back when the Heavenly Talisman Sect was at its peak, they were alarmed by this disappearance and made its recovery the sect's top priority for many generations after. Unfortunately, they weren't able to find the slightest clue of its whereabouts and the search came to an end. As for the Soul Subjugation Talisman, it hadn't been refined ever since the founding of the sect. As a result, only the Spiritform Talisman truly had any practical use.[1]


Together with Gold Mist Mountain and Bright Sun Valley, Heavenly Talisman Sect created the Three Essence Market. The Spirit Wind Sect schemed against them to either merge their markets or they will close it in three months. Mid-grade Yang Fiend Sect was involved in this too.

One day, Han Li paid them a visit. Sect Master Yue Zhen and Elder Wen received him.[2] They were suprised, when he brought them the refinement method for the Spirit Subjugation Talisman. Then he explained them how he met Daoist Yun in the Umbra Realm and that he entrusted him that method to deliver to the sect. They tried to befriend this Nascent Soul cultivator and offered him records of talisman refinement.[3] There Han Li also met Xiang Zhili, who was with him in Yellow Maple Valley.[4]

After few days, Elder Wen and Elders from Gold Mist Mountain and Bright Sun Valley asked him to be a guest elder.[1] They also offered him the Spiritform Talisman and only asked to help with problem in the Three Essence Market. Han Li agreed to help and travelled to Yang Fiend Sect and easily defeated their sole Nascent Soul elder. Then the Spirit Wind Sect, who previously had the backing of the Yang Fiend Sect, relocated their market to a faraway region. Heavenly Talisman Sect, Gold Mist Mountain and Bright Sun Valley took control in their area.[5]

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