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The Heavenmatch Bell is a Profound Heavenly Treasure that can enhance one's magic power, only if the user is a cultivator at or above the Deity Transformation stage.

Aside from this Heavenmatch Bell, there's also a Heavenquake Mallet, and the two of them should be used together. The powers of the two treasures wouldn't be inferior by much, even compared to a Profound Heavenly Treasure.


It was a giant black bell about as tall as a person and was completely black in color, with a few traces of rust visible along its edges. At the center of the bell was a diagram depicting a black wyrm with a single eye that was giving off an unsettling red light.


This this bell's ability to enhance one's magic power. However, this ability is only effective for cultivators at or above the Deity Transformation Stage. A chime of this bell can enhance a Deity Transformation cultivator's magic power by a degree equivalent to 30 years of arduous cultivation, which is reduced to around 10 years for Spatial Tempering cultivators, and for Body Integration Stage fellow Daoists, the effect is quite minimal. However, the bell only works three times for each person. After that, no matter how many chimes of this bell one listens to, it won't do anything for them. On top of that, if the number of people listening to the chime of the bell on a single occasion exceeds a certain threshold, the magic power enhancement effect would be significantly hampered.

only that, but not just any cultivator can make this bell chime. A body refinement warrior must be selected, and they must reach a certain level of mastery in a foreign cultivation art that we secured from the same secret region. [1]

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