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Eccentric Heavenvenge was a mid Nascent Soul stage vagrant cultivator. He has great renown among cultivators in the Heavenly South Continent. Heavenvenge had fought Master Sunreach of the three great cultivators and managed to survive by inflicting heavy injuries onto him in order to escape.[1]

Moulan invasion[]

As the final battle between forces of Heavenly South and Moulan Tribes was nearing, Eccentric Heavenvenge appeared and joined Sunreach, Devil Concord, Wei Wuya, Long Han and Feng Bing. He agreed to their plan of infiltrating the Soaring Heavens City for pillage with his vagrant cultivators in exchange of a section of land in the State of Xu.[2] Eccentric Heavenvenge was defeated by Soaring Tribes, who also had the same plan.[3]

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