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Heavenvoid Cauldron is a Divine Spirit Treasure


The Heavenvoid Cauldron has a flat bottom, two handles, and three legs. At over a meter tall and three meters wide, it couldn’t be considered very large. It has a slightly protruding lid covered in carvings of beasts and insects along with various landscapes. Although they appeared rough and crude, they were true to life and exuded an aura of untamed antiquity.


Heavenvoid Cauldron had its own scripture. The scripture states that there are two conditions to control the cauldron. The first is to refine the Celestial Ice Flames. The second condition is a kind of ancient technique known as the Artifact Imprint Techniques. This technique has the incantation comprised of three layers. The first layer of the incantation requires the cultivator to be at mid Nascent Soul stage. The second layer requires the cultivator to be at late Nascent Soul stage and third requires the Deity Transformation stage to cultivate.[1]


The Heavenvoid Cauldron was a spirit treasure carried by the Fairy Ice Soul, the matriarch of the North Night Palace. Matriarch had set off to travel the world with this treasure hudreds years ago, it was never returned to the sect.[2]

Then, the Heavenvoid Cauldron was located in the Heavenvoid Hall.


Number one hidden treasure in the Scattered Star Seas.

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