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Heavenvoid Cauldron is a Divine Spirit Treasure


The Heavenvoid Cauldron has a flat bottom, two handles, and three legs. At over a meter tall and three meters wide, it couldn’t be considered very large. It has a slightly protruding lid covered in carvings of beasts and insects along with various landscapes. Although they appeared rough and crude, they were true to life and exuded an aura of untamed antiquity.


The Heavenvoid Cauldron is a divine spirit treasure. The cauldron is highly ranked among divine spirit treasures based on the strength and abilities it possesses. It was a personal treasure nurtured by the founding ancestor of the North Night Palace named Fairy Ice Soul. She it sealed within the Heavenvoid Hall. The cauldron has a copper-colored exterior. When exposed to the Celestial Ice Flames - the Cultivation Art of Fairy Ice Soul, the cauldron turns blue and engraved landscapes of animals and natures are made visible.

Use of the cauldron requires two steps to be taken in order. First, a cultivator must cultivating the Celestial Ice Flames to reveal a scripture containing the Artifact Imprinting Technique. Secondly, they must cultivate all three layers of the technique to fully control of the cauldron. Cultivating individual layers gives partial control of the cauldron.

Heavenvoid Cauldron had its own scripture. The scripture states that there are two conditions to control the cauldron. The first is to refine the Celestial Ice Flames. The second condition is a kind of ancient technique known as the Artifact Imprint Techniques. This technique has the incantation comprised of three layers. The first layer of the incantation requires the cultivator to be at mid Nascent Soul stage. The second layer requires the cultivator to be at late Nascent Soul stage and third requires the Deity Transformation stage to cultivate.[1]

Layer Prerequisite Description
1 Mid-Nascent Soul The first layer allows a cultivator to store the cauldron within their body. While stored in their body a cultivator can begin to nurture it. This layer also allows a cultivator to open the cauldron and utilize its abilities to forcefully capture, store and seal treasures, abilities and beings.
2 Late-Nascent Soul The second layer unlocks the use of more powerful abilities such as sealing off a spatial area through the use of the massive net of energy threads emitted and controlled through the cauldron.
3 Deity Transformation


The Heavenvoid Cauldron has many abilities that are unlocked as a cultivator progresses in their master of the layers of the Artifact Imprinting Technique.

Ability Description
Sealing spiritual entities The cauldron has the ability to forcefully freeze or consume the Spiritual Energy of a magical technique. Using thin azure-colored threads of energy, the cauldron can forcefully capture treasures, Demon Beasts, and Nascent Souls.
Closing spatial tears The cauldron has the ability to forcefully close a spatial tear by manipulating space to repair the tear.
Teleportation Key The cauldron serves as a special teleportation key that allows a cultivator to activate teleportation formations that connect the Void Halls. Within the Heavenvoid Hall, the cauldron is a key to a control formation that is used to forcefully manipulate space to exit the halls.
Spatial sealing The cauldron has the ability to close off an area by deploying a massive net of azure-colored threads of energy. This net can expand or contract at the will if the cauldrons owner.

Celestial Blue Cauldron[]

A replica of the Heavenvoid Cauldron. The Celestial Blue Cauldron is a magic tool that contains the Celestial Ice Flames. Its purpose is to cultivate the flames contained within it. Control of the cauldron required a cultivator to make use of their Celestial Ice Flame.

Voidspirit Cauldron[]

Void Emperor Cauldron[]


The Heavenvoid Cauldron was a spirit treasure carried by the Fairy Ice Soul, the matriarch of the North Night Palace. Matriarch had set off to travel the world with this treasure hudreds years ago, it was never returned to the sect.[2]

Then, the Heavenvoid Cauldron was located in the Heavenvoid Hall.

In reality, it was one of the replica keys to open the Heavenly Cauldron Palace like Emperorvoid Cauldron.


Number one hidden treasure in the Scattered Star Seas.

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