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The Heavenvoid Hall (虛天殿) is a place for cultivators used for treasure hunting.[3] The Heavenvoid Hall was operated by Star Palace. Their members preside over treasure hunts inside.[4]


The Heavenvoid Hall was a palace floating in the sky. It was about four hundred meters tall and was crafted from flawless white jade. It was exquisitely beautiful and released sparkling twinkles of light. Surrounding it was a layer of dense golden light that encompassed about four thousand meters in height.[5]

It was most likely constructed by ancient cultivators.[6]

The Heavenvoid Hall has existed in the Scattered Star Seas for countless years. It is only known to open every 300 years. It randomly descends at some remote, deserted location in the Scattered Star Seas and is filled with many treasures.[7] There are many exceptional spirit medicines or treasures in the Heavenvoid Hall. like life extending fruit or Heavenvoid Cauldron.[8]

Every time the Heavenvoid Halls opens, quite a number of Righteous and Devil Dao cultivators die from mysterious causes, possibly from the machinations of the Star Palace.[4]

There is the control formation inside the Heavenvoid Hall. One Deity Transformation stage cultivator or several late Nascent Soul stage cultivators can use it to open the hall ahead of its schedule of 300 years.[9]



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