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Heavenweep was an early Nascent Soul stage cultivator of Yin Sifting Sect.[1]

Moulan invasion[]

After Yin Sifting Sect reached an agreement with the Divine Sages of the Moulan Tribes, they invaded the Heavenly South Region.[1]

Once the war with Nine Nations Union started, Heavenweep together with Sage Ku Yao, Sage Wen and group of spell warriors, attacked the Yellow Dragon Mountains at the border of the State of Yu.[2] Facing 4 Nascent Soul cultivators, they decided one on one duel. Old man Ma fought Sage Ku Yao.[3] With Supreme Eight Trigram Diagram he was able to come to a draw against the Sage and his Fire Spirit Flood Dragon. As Heavenweep wanted to fight next, Han Li faced him. Using Heavenflash Devil Arts he grew to about six meters in height and looked like one of the phantoms of the Six Apex Devils Art. Then he got trapped by golden net of Divine Devilbane Lightning.[4] With his body gone, he tried to escape in form of black demon Nascent, but he was burned into ash.[5]

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