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Hong Fu (红拂Hóng fú) is an elder of the Yellow Maple Valley, and its first disciple in a long time to reach Core Formation.[?] She is also the great aunt of Dong Xuan and master of Chen Qiaoqian. She wields the Five Thunder Whip.[2]


She joined the Yellow Maple Valley alongside Li Huayuan and Wang Yu, and is their shijie. She had the best talent among them. However, she unfortunately provoked Yun Lu.[3]


On the wiki, we refer to her using the pinyin reading Hong Fu. However, the official English translation of the donghua refer to her as Patriarch Red Whisk (红拂师伯Hóng fú shī bó), though this may be a mistranslation since uncle-master (师伯shī bó) refers to someone of your teacher's generation and also higher in ranking than your teacher.[1]


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