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Hua Tianqi was a mid Nascent Soul stage Grand Elder of the Sacred Poison Sect from the Great Jin.

Kunwu Mountain[]

After noticing the mysterious pillars of light in the Puyun Prefecture, Grand Elder Hua Tianqi travelled there with 3 other Elders and a group of 20 disciples. He suspected this to be about legendary Kunwu Mountain.[1] As they were searching area, they met Yin Sifting Sect's Grand Elder old Devil Qian.[2] Later, infamous Zheng Wei joined them too, but he kept his distance after seeing Devil Qian. Hua Tianqi didn't dare to block the way before Yin Sifting Sect's Grand Elder and let him go first.[3]

Because of the words left behind by the sect's founder, Hua Tianqi and 3 other Elders rushed towards the Devil Suppressing Pagoda. There they run into Ye Yuesheng and disguised Elder Devil Bloodflame.[4] As they were attacked by the ghost monarch, Hua Tianqi and others passed by them using this opportunity.[5] Members of the Sacred Poison Sect ended up in a room with the Eight Spirit Ruler.[6] Hua Tianqi was possessed by Long Meng. When Ye Yuesheng came to take the Eight Spirit Ruler, Long Meng, being in Hua Tianqi's body, attacked him to prevent that.[7]

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