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Spirit Lord Huang Liang was an early Spatial Tempering stage cultivator. He lived in a mountain nearby human Setting Sun City for over ten thousand years. He had a grand reputation.[1]

Divine Blood[]

Spirit Lord Huang Liang met with City Lord Lan, who informed him about orders from the Heavenly Origin Sage's palace to receive the traitor from the Spirit Tribe. They needed to protect the runaway with Divine Blood, who was trapped in the Setting Sun Tomb, untill the envoy arrived. Huang Liang sensed Illusion Flame Moth's doppelganger spying on them. They decided to act quicker, because of the demons.[2]

Days later, Spirit Lord Huang Liang and City Lord Lan encountered Huan Cangqi and 2 Spirit Generals, Huang Shi and Tian Ying, outside the Chaotic Valley in the tomb. Meantime, Huan Cangqi invited Huang Liang to go together to the primordial world again. Then they made a deal to capture these Spirit Tribe cultivators, detain the traitor and split treasures.[3] Suddenly, Profound Spirit Xu Tian arrived and attacked united forces of humans and demons killing many of them. Huan Cangqi and Huang Liang clashed with him.[4] After they forced Spirit Tribe members back, they encountered a Primordial Giant at the Scorching Light Pond.[5] After fighting for half a day, they killed him, and Huang Liang got the Setting Sun Crystal. As they found a vial of Divine Blood inside his body, Profound Spirit Xu Tian made a sneak attack and seized it for himself. As he himself was attacked in retaliation, Han Li pretending to be Shi Yan convinced Xu Tian to give him the vial.[6] After Han Li was trapped in the seal, all 3 of them realized he was just a Deity Transformation stage human. While Huan Cangqi kept Xu Tian occupied, Spirit Lord Huang Liang moved to capture the youngster. But the older cultivator was suprised by Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords and Law Destruction Eye. When Han Li escaped using the Bloodshadow Evasion, 3 Spatial Tempering stage experts pursuited him furiously.[7] As Xu Tian was injured by 2 Immortal Vanquishing Beads, Huang Liang and Huan Cangqi used the occasion to attack him to injure him further. Soon after, both human and demon were astonished that Han Li completely vanished. Then they convinced Xu Tian that fighting amongst themselves would be a waste of time and the Profound Spirit left.[8]

Spirit Lord Huang Liang searched for Han Li for next several years, but he never found him.[9]

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