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Hundred Possibilities Sect is one of three sects in Dreamcloud Mountains. They are part of Heavenly Dao Alliance.


Together with the Drifting Cloud Sect and the Ancient Sword Sect, they were guarding the Spirit Well Tree in the Dreamcloud Mountains.[1]

Hundred Possibilities Sect was the strongest out of the three sects. They have almost always dominated the Sword Trial Assembly.[2]

They are adept at refining all sorts of magic tools.

Hundred Possibilities Sect prioritized recruitment from cultivation clans and only rarely accepted outsiders as disciples.[3]


Sword Trial Assembly[]

Hundred Possibilities Sect was organising the Sword Trial Assembly this time. They had 3 disciples in the top 10. The Ancient Sword Sect's Meng Di, who possessed the Ninesword Spirit Constitution, won the competition.[4]

When spies from Righteous Dao Alliance and Six Devil Dao Sects within the three sects made move to acquire the Spirit Well Tree, the three sects were ready, because they knew about infiltrations. They aware of Old man Wei. Elder Child Fire Dragon himself led the attack against the spies and then faced Truelord Heavenfiend.[5] Still, the two Nascent Soul elders Cheng Tiankun and Lu Luo and Core Formation cultivators of the Drifting Cloud Sect and the three sect fell into an ambush by Devil Dao's Thousand Illusions Sect and the Heavenly Fiend Sect. Because of involvement of Truelord Heavenfiend, Du Dong managed to escape with Wine Nectar. Later, they found out that Wine Nectar didn't help Righteous Dao Alliance and Six Devil Dao Sects.[6]

Number One Sect[]

Hundred Possibilities Sect invited two neighbouring sects to the master recognition ceremony of their talented young disciple.[7] During the ceremony, Jin Wuhuan of the Ancient Sword Sect dueled Han Li, who recently reached mid Nascent Soul stage. After his loss, the Drifting Cloud Sect became the number one sect in the Dreamcloud Mountains.[8]

Emergence of the Fourth Great Cultivator[]

After about 100 years Han Li returned to the Drifting Cloud Sect. A grand ceremony was held to celebrate the emergence of another late Nascent Soul stage cultivator within the Heavenly South. Over 100 Nascent Soul cultivators and many more Core Formation cultivators attended that event. Han Li only appeared for a short while on the first day of the ceremony. Han Li had challenged both Wei Wuya and Old Devil Concord at once and easily defeated them.[9] After news about Han Li defeating Wei Wuya, Old Devil Concord and Master Sunreach spread, Han Li gained a reputation as the number one cultivator in the Heavenly South. Subsequently, the Drifting Cloud Sect's influence began to expand drastically and they had taken over most of the State of Xi. All of the other cultivation sects in the State of Xi either had to concede to them, or re-establish their sects in another nation. The Ancient Sword Sect and the Hundred Possibilities Sect also expanded a bit, but they had virtually become subsidiaries to the Drifting Cloud Sect.[10]

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