A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki


The Ice Essence Body is a spirit physique that inherently carries glacial energy. The physique is impossible to detect at birth, and its effects will only begin to show at nine years of age. The first time this poison rears up is when it’s at its most ferocious, and it’s said that most of the people who possess this spirit physique perish when this poison first appears. The frost poison will continue to worsen one year after another, and those who possess this spirit physique will be dead for sure by the time they turn 15 or 16.

There are only two ways for someone with this physique to survive:

  1. A Body Integration cultivator needs to use their magic power to force this frost poison out of the body every year, then use their true essence to help cleanse their meridians. After 100 years of this, the person with the Ice Essence Body will become accustomed to the physique, and it won’t pose any further threat to them. On top of that, through cultivation, they would be able to harness this glacial energy to master an incredibly powerful ability known as the Ice Essence Glacial Soul. However, the Body Integration cultivator would have to forcibly expel the frost poison, but also ensure that their magic power doesn’t harm the host’s body, expending a lot of true essence per expulsion process. The true essence expended during the last decade or so can’t be replenished through meditation, and this is still discounting the fact that during this time, the Body Integration cultivator will have to expend even more magic power to cleanse the host’s essence. Hence, this will essentially delay a Body Integration cultivator’s cultivation for several decades.
  2. Find some legendary spirit medicines and use them to refine several types of pills with extreme Yang attribute. Those pills would nullify the glacial energy and alter one’s Ice Essence Body. This method is no easier to accomplish than the first one. Not only are these spirit medicines extremely rare, they only grow in places that would be completely inaccessible to us. Even if we find these medicines and successfully refine the required pills, taking the pills would result in dire consequences. The Ice Essence Body would be dispelled, but the host’s spiritual root would also be damaged. At worst, this could reduce them to a mortal, and even in the best-case scenario, their spiritual root would become extremely mediocre, which would make cultivation very difficult for them.