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The Immortal Records Pavilion (登仙阁Dēngxiān gé), (Apotheosis Pavilion - Bilibili translation) is a small, two-story pavilion of unknown age on one of the peaks on Stalwart Star Island.


The peak had a small, two-story pavilion of unknown age. Not only was its exterior thoroughly worn out and of an outdated design, it also hung a sign on its gate that was missing a corner. The words “Immortal Records Pavilion” were crookedly written on the sign.

The interior sharply contrasted with the outer appearance of the pavilion. It was magnificently decorated. The floor was covered in sparkling fire-red silk, and the walls were made of gold and jade while countless amounts of sparkling gems glittered on the ceiling. Corners of the building were decorated with many species of gorgeous plants.

There was also an odd stone bed, sparkling with a strange blue light that were certain to be made with some sort of precious materials.[1]

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