The Immortal World is unfathomably boundless, each Immortal Territory is larger than the Spiritual World. There are tens of thousands of Immortal Territories, each one typically having one or several rulers. Weaker Immortal Territories will typically have several Gold Immortals ruling at once, or one powerful Supreme Unity Jade Immortal(Taiyi). Stronger Immortal Territories will have many Gold and True Immortals, and many more Supreme Unity Jade Immortals. The powerful territories have Great Encompassing Immortals(Great Luo). However, with the end of the calamity, the most prosperous Immortal Territory is the previous desolate Black Soil(Black Earth/Mysterious Earth)Immortal Territory because of the Immortal World's number one existence, standing on the same level as the 3000 Great Daos, the Time Dao Ancestor Han Li, or Heavenly Venerate Han, resides there.

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