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The Inner Star Seas (内海Nèihǎi) refers to the area that has been explored and safe enough to be inhabited by Cultivators. This means that high-grade Demon Beasts have been hunted to extinction within the Inner Star Seas. There still remain some uninhabited islands where Fifth or Sixth-grade Demon Beast's may exist, but generally no Seventh grade or higher are found within the Inner Star Seas.


The Scattered Star Seas was once dominated by Demonic Beasts without a trace of humans. Later, powerful cultivators pushed these beasts out into the Outer Star Seas, and split the sea amongst themselves. Ever since the foundation of the inner star seas, the Star Palace has reigned as the supreme power, to which all other powers within the seas pay homage and are subservient to.[1]


The Inner Sea consists of "8 outer territories and 4 inner territories. Each of the territories' three largest islands served to directly govern their respective areas. These cities are known collectively as the 24 Outer Star Islands and the 12 Inner Star Islands." They are all subservient to the Star Palace, based in Heavenly Star City on Heavenly Star Island, located in the center of the region.[2] [1]

The 36 star islands are the largest islands that govern over large areas that include smaller islands within the 12 territories of the Inner Star Seas.

24 of 36 island lords are chosen through the Star Selection Assembly to rule an Outer Star Island. The 12 Inner Star Islands are ruled by 6 Island Lords chosen by the two great sages. As a result, these islands are ruled by the strongest cultivators found across the Scattered Star Seas, regardless of their affiliation to the Devil or Righteous Dao.

Each Star Island may be governed independently as they see fit so as long as they remain subservient to the Star Palace and pay taxes. The area governed by a Star Island is dictated by the strength of the Lord and controlling Sect. Conflicts between Star Islands are either resolved swiftly and bloodily, or through proxy conflict as to not arouse the attention of the Star Palace. In the event of the Star Palace's involvement, any decisions made by the Star Palace are considered final and must be obeyed.

Known Islands[]

Island Chapter Description
Stalwart Star Island 365 One of the 36 star islands.
Tail Star Island 365 One of the 36 star islands. The island is controlled by a Core Formation elder Zhan Tai.
Sang Star Island 365 One of the 36 star islands.
Minor Expanse Island 372 A small island about 35km long with a small spirit vein. The island has two small mountains with the largest being 1km high and the smallest 400m high. On the east end of the island was a small village of mortals containing a port. When Han Li was injured after fleeing from the Heavenly South Region, he temporarily became the island lord and built his cave residence deep within the smaller mountain. Here, he restored his Foundation Establishment cultivation.
Goldturtle Island 379
Shiftcry Island 379
Sea Ape Island 385 A medium sized island sparsely inhabited by mortals and Qi Condensation cultivators. The island's residents hunted and exported low-grade Demon Beasts called Sea Apes. Han Li and his body-double Crooked Soul attempted to form their cores on this island. The island's residents were shocked when they observed the phenomenon caused by Crooked Soul entering the Core Formation stage. Han Li was unsuccessful. News spread of this event resulting in many Foundation Establishment cultivators flocking to the island hoping to form their cores.
Night Dragon Island 389
Heavenly Star Island 390 The largest island in the Scattered Star Seas with a "sky-towering" mountain called the Sage Mountain at the center of the island. The island houses the Heavenly Star City which surrounds the entire mountain in concentric rings as the the city sprawls up the mountain. The city stops sprawling part way up the mountain. Beyond this point the mountain is divided into 81-layers of cultivation residences.The first 50 layers closest to the bottom are rented to cultivators foreign to the Star Palace and its disciples. The top 31 layers are reserved for elders of the Star Palace[3].
Turtle Source Island 403 Also known as the Turtle Origin Island. It is dominated by a Late-Core Formation cultivator called Eccentric Scarletflame.
Red Moon Island 416 An island that is home to renown formation spell masters. It is controlled island Master Shi who is the father of Shi Die.
South Crane Island 432 An island controlled by Qing Yi.
Mount Heaven Island 437
Devil Saint Island 465 An island controlled by Archsaint Six Paths, one of the four great Late-Nascent Soul cultivators residing in the Inner Star Seas.
Southclear Island 501 The last intermediary island before reaching the Heavenly Star Island. The island houses a small city near the island's port. The variety of cultivation materials and goods was unrivaled among the islands in the Inner Star Seas. This was because the majority of goods imported into and exported from the Heavenly Star Island traveled through Southclear Island.
Bright Emperor Island 557 An ordinary mid-size island housing an abandoned transportation formation that was only capable of receiving teleportation. It has a few small stone mountains with sparse vegetation scattered around the island.

Zenith Yin Island

Starfall Island 1128
Bitter Gate Island 1130 A large island controlled by the Yellow Sand Sect. The island is several thousand meters across, and it houses several large cities inhabited by mortals. Further in-land, It has tall mountains filled with gorgeous scenery and an abundance of Spiritual Qi. The peak of the tallest mountain houses extravagant palaces and pavilions housing the sect.
Star Climb Island 1130 One of the 12 inner star islands.
Devil Lake Island 1160 A nondescript island situated on the outskirts of the Inner Seas. This island was owned by Man Huzi who built a hidden abode where he stored his wealth and treasures. The island has scarce forestry and no spiritual veins. The island houses a lake at its center

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