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Integrated Five Extreme Mountains in the final section of this Profound Heavenly Tool Refinement Technique, there were specific methods enclosed through which once could refine artificial Profound Heavenly Treasures. The other few methods all required materials that were either impossible to find in the Spirit Realm, like refined stars, or materials that Han Li had never even heard of.

Only the materials and refinement method required to refine these Integrated Five Extreme Mountains seemed to be viable in the Spirit Realm.

In order to use the refinement method, one had to at least be at the Body Integration Stage, and the materials required to refine this treasure were actual mountains.[1] The materials of these mountains being Greatnorth Essence Light, Divine Essencefused Light, Five Elements Yin Yang True Light,[2] High Zenith Azure Light and Vast Yin Stones. The corresponding mountains of the materials after refinement are the Extreme Greatnorth Essence Mountain, Extreme Essencefused Mountain, Extreme Five Elemental Yin Yang Mountain, Extreme High Zenith Azure Mountain and the Extreme Vast Yin Glacial Mountain.

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