A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

Cultivators often fight by using treasures starting from Core Formation, before this, Tools are the . The higher the realm of cultivation, the more important it is to possess strong trump cards. Most cultivators seek strong items in dangerous places as a result. Spells and Cultivation Techniques are less sought-after because of their rarity.

Depending of the level of cultivation, cultivators utilize different grade of treasures. It is to note that some cultivators don't have enough wealth or fortune to obtain the grade of item corresponding to the norm among cultivators of their realm. On the other hand, few capable Immortals have lucky encounters and own treasures generally used by stronger cultivators.

Tools and Treasures can be all sort of items. Other items like talismans can also display the same tier of strength.

Item Grade Corresponding Realm
Magic Treasures Core Formation
Ancient Treasures Nascent Soul
Divine Spirit Treasures Deity Transformation