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Although it isn’t the Lan Province’s capital, it is, without question, the largest city in this province.


  • 40+ small gangs with a thousand members or less.
  • 7-8 medium-sized gangs with three to four thousand members.
    • Iron Spear Association
    • Sworn Brotherhood
    • Azure Clothed Gang
    • Spring Rain Building
    • Gold Sword Sect
    • Dark Riverboat Gang
    • Diamond Sect
    • Setting Sun School
  • 3 large gangs that have over ten thousand members.

Western District : 33 small gangs

Eastern City District - Heavenly Tyrant Sect + Gold Sword Sect + Azure Clothed Gang

Northern City District - Brothers’ Union + Iron Spear Association + the Dark Riverboat Gang + Sworn Brotherhood

Southern City District - Fearsome Flood Dragon Association+ Spring Rain Building + Diamond Sect + Setting Sun School

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