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Jiayuan City (嘉元城Jiā yuán chéng) is, without question, the largest city in Lan Province, despite not being the province's capital. As a major port, countless merchants travel here, bringing with them much economic development. Meanwhile, the small docks are home to all kinds of people. Rumor has it that those who does not hire the porters are the docks will be dealt with harshly.[1]


  • 40+ small gangs with a thousand members or less.
  • 7-8 medium-sized gangs with three to four thousand members.
    • Iron Spear Association
    • Sworn Brotherhood
    • Azure Clothed Gang
    • Spring Rain Building
    • Gold Sword Sect
    • Dark Riverboat Gang
    • Diamond Sect
    • Setting Sun School
  • 3 large gangs that have over ten thousand members.

Western District : 33 small gangs

Eastern City District - Heavenly Tyrant Sect + Gold Sword Sect + Azure Clothed Gang

Northern City District - Brothers’ Union + Iron Spear Association + the Dark Riverboat Gang + Sworn Brotherhood

Southern City District - Fearsome Flood Dragon Association+ Spring Rain Building + Diamond Sect + Setting Sun School


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