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The Jin Capital is the largest city of the Mortal World. It is located in the eastern half of the Jin Empire.

The Great Jin cultivation world had an unwritten rule that forbade combat and flying five hundred kilometers within the Jin Capital, signifying a trace of respect towards the Great Jin's imperial government as cultivators and mortals had a certain degree of codependency in the Great Jin.[1]

Beside the outermost wall of the city, there were fifteen-meter-tall six-layered walls constructed every half kilometer interval away from the city. The city was divided into thirteen large districts. The north-most section was the imperial city, taking up about twenty kilometers of land. The other districts were just as large but they were densely filled with buildings and roads.[2]


In Han Li's eyes, it was actually a few grades inferior compared to the Scattered Star Seas' Heavenly Star City, the greatest city he had seen in his lifetime.[2]

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