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Jin Qing is a Core Formation cultivator presiding in the Heavenly Star City within the Scattered Star Seas. He is a vagrant cultivator belonging to no sect,[?] and a cultivator close to Han Li.[1] He was killed by The Bone Sage.[?]

First Meeting[]

Jin Qing's cave residence on the Sage Mountain was nearby Han Li's rented residence. Jin Qing observed the phenomenon generated by Han Li's ascension to the Core Formation stage[2]. Jin Qing decided to befriend Han Li because Han Li was a fellow vagrant cultivator. Jin Qing gave Han Li a few pointers right after the latter breakthrough[3].

Treasure Hunting[]

As a rogue cultivator, Jin Qing took advantage of opportunities to acquire treasures and materials by raiding ruins of Ancient Cultivators[3]. He solicited Han Li's assistance in breaking protection and illusion formations of an ancient ruin on an uninhabited island. Jin Qing assembled a group of Core Formation cultivators that included Han Li, accompanied by a second formation expert[4]. The breaking of the formations alerted a Mid-Core Formation island lord of the Zenith Yin Island sect. After observing Han Li kill the island lord, the group continued to break the formations.

After raiding the ruins, Jin Qing realized he made a terrible mistake. The ruins were a prison for a former Nascent Soul Cultivator, now turned into a ghost, called The Bone Sage. Fearing for his life, Jin Qing took the opportunity to abandon Han Li after The Bone Sage seemingly provided Jin Qing an opportunity to leave unscathed. Unfortunately, Jin Qing died after The Bone Sage launched a surprise attack as he was leaving[5].