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Jin Tong was originally the Queen of the Spirit Insects in the True Immortal Realm, whose body was destroyed, scattered and turning into the countless Gold Devouring Beetles.[1]


Human Form[]

It was a miniature purplish-golden figure that was around three inches tall. The miniature figure had a full set of limbs and a pair of eyes that were as pristine white as jade, but it had no mouth or nose.[2] Its voice was very high-pitched, and it struck the listener with a chilling sensation.

When she met Han Li again, she looked like a young girl about seven or eight years in a red dress.

After she devoured another Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch at the Supreme Unity Jade Immortal Realm, she became a young girl who looked to be in her teens. She had blonde hair and wore a shawl over her shoulders. She had almond-shaped eyes and a graceful figure. Her voice had changed a lot as well. It was crisp and clear like a pearl dropping on a jade platter, pleasant to the ear yet devoid of any emotion.

Beast Form[]

It was a huge golden beetle that was tens of thousands of meters in size. Its entire body was emitting a golden glow that looked like flames as it surged about, emitting waves of extremely powerful auras from within. Any living being would have been rendered to ashes instantly if they were to get too close, even if they were tens of thousands of kilometers away.[3]


She was originally the Queen of Spirit Insects, Qu Li, in the True Immortal Realm. After being betrayed by the heavenly court, her body was destroyed and scattered into countless Gold Devouring Beetles across the multiple realms. After all gold devouring beetles devoured each other and became Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch again, she was reborn with her memories and eventually reached the Dao Ancestor Realm once again.[4]

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