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Jin Wuhuan was a mid Nascent Soul stage Grand Elder of the Ancient Sword Sect.[1]

Number One Sect[]

After spending 80 years in seclusion, Jin Wuhuan egressed. After learning about Han Li's rise and abilities, he wanted to meet him.[2] He and 2 other Elders, including Brightscent, visited the Hundred Possibilities Sect for the master recognition ceremony. A young cultivator was bonding with refined Yin Yang Pagoda. There they met Drifting Cloud Sect Elders. Jin Wuhuan was interested in Han Li's abilities.[3] During the ceremony, Master Sunreach visited the Hundred Possibilities Sect to see Han Li.[4] Jin Wuhuan wanted to fight Han Li for a ranking contests between their sects.[5] As Grand Elder wanted to finish the battle with his Spring Thread Execution, his 3 flying swords were sealed by Celestial Ice Flames. Jin Wuhuan conceded defeat and the Drifting Cloud Sect became the number one sect in the Dreamcloud Mountains. Elders Cheng and Lu were excited.[6]

Emergence of the Fourth Great Cultivator[]

After about 100 years, Han Li returned to the Drifting Cloud Sect. In next few days, Elders the Ancient Sword Sect and the Hundred Possibilities Sect visited Drifting Cloud Sect. After seeing Han Li really reached late Nascent Soul stage they were astonished. Two Grand Elders, Jin Wuhuan and Eccentric Pyre only congratulated him. Next, three sects discussed plans for expansion in the State of Xi.[7]

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