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Heavenroaming Kun Peng is a wind-attribute Luo Mian Beast and it can master all of the wind-related heavenly laws of the world from birth.[1]

The Tian Peng race are the worshippers of the Kun Peng in the Spirit Realm.[2]

Scattered Star Seas[]

One day, the Heavenroaming Kun Peng discovered another Luo Mian Beast in the Mortal Realm. As they all are enemies of each other, it attacked it through the barrier between realms. Being at disadvantage because of the barrier between realms, the Kun Peng could only manifest its huge claw. Its attack failed and only a 10 feet in lenght azure feather fell off before the beast disappeared.[3] [1]

Han Li snatched the feather afterwards[4] and used it to refine his Thunderstorm Wings.[5]


A Kun Peng is a legendary bird of Chinese Mythology that is said to have a bird form as well as a fish form.

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