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Lady Mu was a mid Nascent Soul stage Elder of the Immortal Form Sect.

Lady Mu had a past with Master Sable.[1] [2]


After message from Senior Xiang Zhili, Immortal Form Sect have investigated the founding records of their sect and learnt about the Kunwu Mountain's seal. When Ye Clan broke through it, they intervened.[3]

Kunwu Mountain[]

Before the opening of the seal to Kunwu Mountain were meny interested cultivators. Master Sable was trying to not let anyone in due to orders from his sect. He tried to dissuade Lady Mu from entering, buy to no avail. After Ge Tianhao, Saintess Lin Yinping and Grand Immortal Xu passed through, Lady Mu and her junior martial sister went through too with their Sun Moon Shuttle.[1]

On the top of the mountain, they observed old Devil Qian and Han Li. Lady Mu wondered where Senior Xiang was, because he should be dealing with the Devil Suppressing Pagoda. They wanted to acquire the Dragon Call Crest to strenghten the seal.[3] When Han Li passed restrictions in Kunwu Hall, Lady Mu ambushed him there and trapped him.[4] As she was about to seize the treasures, a Treant Lord suddenly appeared and attacked her, but then it got scared of the painting of the Three Masters of Kunwu. A Treant Lord was instantly killed by 3 treasures controlled by threads of spiritual sense Kunwu Masters left behind. Meanwhile, Han Li freed himself and forced Lady Mu away with his Triflame Fan. Then old Devil Qian, Nightfiend and Lion Hawk arrived. When Qian tried to grab Dragon Call Crest, everyone except Han Li was seal by the Four Skies Ruler.[5] Moment later, Lady Mu's junior sister was exhausted and their enemies became unrestrained.[6] Both elders of the Immortal Form Sect managed to escape in the Sun Moon Shuttle.[7]

Later, on the 8th floor of the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, Lady Mu and her junior sister were in a standoff with others, like Ye Clan Grand Elder, Grand Immortal Xu, Saintess Lin Yinping or the Nightfiend, and facing grand formation of the Eight Spirit Ruler.[8] To reach 9th floor to restrengthen the seal, they wanted to pass that grand formation.[9] Suddenly, injured Ye Yuesheng appeared pursued by Hua Tianqi possessed by Long Meng.[10] Lady Mu used Dragon Call Crest against Long Meng and the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation was activated as two-headed four-armed Bloodflame and Yuan Cha's soul fragment arrived.[11]

After Yuan Cha's soul fragment bewitched junior sister of Immortal Form Sect's Lady Mu and gained Dragon Call Crest, everyone was teleported to 9th floor. There Long Meng, Corpse Xiong, Ye Clan Grand Elder, the Nightfiend and Lion Hawk fought against Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha in the two-headed wolf form. The Black Wind Flag clashed with the Eight Spirit Ruler. Lady Mu fought against her bewitched junior sister. Newly arrived, Master Sable and Daoist Sevenwonders joined the fray, using Heavenbound Blade and Devil Restriction Bands respectively.[12] Yuan Cha's soul fragment faked being restrained with 5 Devil Restriction Bands and Lady Mu was rended to shreds. Master Sable attempted to save her Nascent Soul but to no avail.[2] [13]

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