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Lei Wanhe (雷万鹤léi wàn hè) is an Elder of the Yellow Maple Valley.

First Meeting[]

Lei Wanhe happened to have come across bottleneck in cultivation. In order to refine supplementary medicine pills, he had gone on a search in the secular world. When he returned, without much gains,[1] he noticed Han Li in his cave residence being under attack from several cultivators of the Thousand Bamboo School. He easily killed them for causing a ruckus in the Tai Yue Mountain Range and attacking his sect's disciple. Lei Wanhe was impressed by Han Li's Five Elements Reversal Formation.[2] After chat, the Elder was suprised by Han Li's spiritual herbs. Han Li used this to improve relation between them.[1] He traded them for 2 medicinal formulas, Spirit Gathering Pill and Qi Refining Powder.[3]

Moulan invasion[]

Moulan spell warriors were attacking Nine Nations Union. In the State of Fengyuan, Lei Wanhe fought an early Nascent Soul spell warrior, alongside 4 other Core Formation cultivators. The spell warrior took fancy to Nie Ying.[4] When he tried to captrure her, Han Li appeared helping her. Spell warrior escaped after seeing Gold Devouring Beetles.[5] Lei Wanhe was shocked Han Li reached Nascent Soul stage. During their travel, he told him what happened to his former Master Li Huayuan and his senior brothers. Nie Yan and Lei Wanhe asked him to rejoin Yellow Maple Valley, but he refused.[6] Han Li also found out about Xiao Cui'er, who already reached Core Formation and about Nangong Wan, who was to marry Flowing Mind Sect's Elder Wei Lichen. [7] After Han Li departure, they all wondered whether he could reach Deity Transformation stage, since he would be useful in reclaiming the State of Yue.[8]

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