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A mid-Spatial Tempering Stage Formation Master being From the Ming Race. He possess the legendary Five Lightning Physique, which granted him the innate ability to control five completely different types of powers of lightning. He also uses a lightning cultivation art that had gone missing long ago that allowed him to freely transition his body between a physical and lightning form at will.


A burly middle-aged man with a head of red hair and a heavy beard. He had a square face and a huge hook nose that resembled a falcon's beak. There was a pair of crimson wings on his back that were crackling with a rcs of lightning, and he resembled theincarnation of the Lightning God.

First Meeting[]

While Han Li was traveling through the Tian Yuan Continent, in order to avoid being discovered by foreign beings, Han Li limited his activity to the outskirts of their territory and only enter the small cities that weren't guarded by any top-grade beings.

As he was passing through a small city in the territory of the Ming Race, he encountered Lei Yunzi, that despite being only a mid-Spatial Tempering Stage, he was able to instantly see through Han Li's disguise, and thus, a fierce battle ensued between them.

After being unable to kill each other, they negotiated a truce and exchange cultivation experiences and knowledge.