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Leopard Kirin Beast was a mutated demon beast living in the Setting Sun Tomb. It had a shocking speed and sharp claws.[1] It had power of Nascent Soul stage even though it hadn't reached full maturity.[2]


When Han Li looked at the small beast over a hundred meters away, he let out a deep sigh.

The leopard was the same size as a common cat, but it possessed a shocking speed.

Not only was the beast’s speed astonishing, but its claws were incredibly sharp as well.[1]

On his shoulders sat a little girl who appeared to be around three or four years of age. She had delicate fair skin, and an adorably chubby little face. She had one hand grabbing onto Han Li's robes and an unknown spirit that she was munching on in her other hand.[3]


It was captured by Spirit Tribe being, but later ended up in Han Li's possession.[4] He only tamed it after about 100 years.[2]

Over a thousand ice fiends[5] and demon king ice fiend devoured by Leopard Kirin Beast[6]

Advancement for Deity Transformation stage[7]

Reached Mid-Deity Transformation Stage after being fed all types of precious pills by Han Li[8]

Early-Spatial Tempering Stage after consuming a Dark Beast Monarch inner core in the Vast Glacial Realm[9]

After reaching the stage of Spatial Tempering it underwent transformation and one golden light flashed from its body, and it expanded rapidly to around 10 feet in size in the blink of an eye. There were peculiar black patterns all over its body, and a pair of short silver horns that were each several inches in length had appeared on its head.

The reason behind its transformation was the Dark Beast Monarch inner core it had consumed in the Vast Glacial Realm.

During the next few decades following its awakening, Han Li had fed it a large amount of spirit pills, and it had evolved again to the mid-Spatial Tempering Stage, and also attained several powerful abilities.

According to Han Li's estimations, even the average late-Spatial Tempering Stage being wouldn't be a match for this beast.

Despite this, it appeared that the Leopard Kirin Beast was only just beginning to reach maturity, so he was very much looking forward to seeing how this beast was going to develop.[9]

As soon as it had awakened, it had commenced its Body Integration Stage tribulation transcendence. - Ch.1978


  • Quick speed and durable body.
  • Extraordinary tracking abilities.
  • Sense the aura of an enemy - Ch.1953
  • Human Transformation - Ch.1978
  • 10 Projections Clone - Ch.2004
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