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Li Yingzhu , also known as Li Yingning (李缨宁), is a member of the Spirit Controlling Sect. She is the daughter of Mo Yuzhu and Li Quanzi.[1][2]


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Li Yingzhu was born to Mo Yuzhu and Li Quanzi as a member of the Rainbow Sect, which was subservient to the Spirit Beast Mountain. When Han Li in the Foundation Establishment stage was on an assignment protecting mortals, he took the opportunity to enact revenge against the Rainbow Sect as requested by her aunt, Mo Fengwu.[3] Fortunately, Han Li met her mother and spared the sect for their sake, leaving the differences between the sisters to be solved internally. Yuzhu asked Han Li to carry her baby daughter for a bit, in hopes that Yingning would receive a little bit of his immortal qi. Han Li gifted the baby a Passing Spirit Jade pendant as a memento.[1][2][4]

Moulan invasion[]

After the reunification of the Spirit Beast Mountain and the Spirit Controlling Sect, Yingzhu automatically became a member of the Spirit Controlling Sect. As war had broken out between the Moulan and the Heavenly South, she was assigned patrol duties. During a patrol she met Han Li when he was an Early-Nascent Soul stage cultivator. In a discussion with Han Li, Li Yingzhu learned that her mother was friend to a powerful senior, and that the Jade pendant that Li Yingzhu had been keeping on her was a gift from Han Li himself.[5] Thanks to her fateful link with Han Li, she received a bottle of pills to help her form her core breaking through to the Core Formation stage.


  • In the donghua, she appears as simply Li Yingning, a stranger that Mo Caihuan adopted. There, she was orphaned in a plague that ravaged Jiayuan City.[6] This is because the Mo Estate had been completely annihilated, leaving Caihuan the sole survivor. Caihuan did not marry, and left her entire inheritance to Yingning when she passed away.[7]

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