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The founder of the Endless Sword Sect, Daoist Lifeless, had a penchant for storing swords. Regardless of whether it was life and death battles or sparring, he would take away the flying swords of his opponents after winning and take them back to the Sword Pool at the entrance of the sect to store them. He then took in disciples and passed them down, which was a tradition that was passed down from generation to generation. When his disciples and descendants traveled the True Immortal Realm, they would search all the swords in the world and bring them back to the sect. As time passed, the Endless Sword Pool became the Lifeless Sword Sea.


There was a black stone about half the height of a grown man standing by his feet. It looked very inconspicuous and there were two words written in ancient script on it. "Sword Sea!"

Countless flying swords could be seen standing upright among the lush green grass below. The styles of the flying swords were all different, but most of them had swords pointed at the sky, which swayed gently in the mountain breeze like grass, producing crisp clangs as they clashed.

There were miniature flying swords that were as thin as sewing needles among the flying swords, as well as broad broadswords that looked like doors. There were curved swords that looked like snakes, as well as weird, straight, single-edged swords, all of which were of all shapes and sizes.

It was unknown just how many tens of thousands of years they had been stored in that ocean of swords, but none of them were rusted or corroded. All of them shone with a blinding light without exception.